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Thread: need help installing indiors metatrader4

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    It's quite odd. I updated the code per your article and restarted MetaTrader. The first new chart I opened it appeared to work. I closed that chart and attempted to apply to a different new chart but today I get nothing. Have restarted nothing whatsoever and MT. Does that seem right? Also regarding my query on coding; is this somebody please email/PM me.
    It's not an upgrade of the code, it is a part of the code and the 4 indiors required to find the zub functioning I high lighted in bold correspondence.

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    My poor. I changed the filenames of these indiors so needed to upgrade the code. It now has stopped and worked . I had a prior version running on a few charts. I've deleted this indior, restarted, etc.. Very strange...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My bad. I changed the filenames of the indiors so had to upgrade the code. In any event it now has stopped and worked once . I had a version running on a few charts. I have deleted this indior, restarted, etc.. Very strange...
    Somewhere deep within my indior box I found this one, may be it will help you.

    It comprises all 5 documents you need.

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    The indior will display ONCE but if you attempt to alter the periodicity it will not work. This is with version v81 that as far as I could tell only plots some information BUT it will plot the PRZ which would be interesting to know. Allow me to try your indior version to observe the gaps. Appreciate your help!

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    Hmm, v76 also will not let me cycle through periodicity in different charts. I can't keep restarting metatrader every moment. Is there a refresh process or is that the indior was created?

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