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Thread: RenkoChartSuite

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    4 Attachment(s) Variant 3.3

    * Upgraded on 13-02-2018 Engine and panel got repairs and adjustments(will be posted in a few moments).

    Features:little currency: Just 1 expert has to be loaded. Hybrid Renko supported when live. Keep up to 6 presets for fast switching between settings. Average True Range Renko Export into .csv Panel could be scaled. Panel could be changed with css.
    Program folder:

    The device creates a program folder on your MT4 data folder.
    Main folder - MQL4/Files//File - user_presets File - default.css Charts data - /Charts/
    Export data - /Export/


    Load the expert and choose your offline chart interval. Your chosen chart should open automatically.
    Load the panel indior on the offline chart and enable Permit DLL import only on 1 panel.
    If you autotrade make certain to check if your chart is getting ticks from the ea. Otherwise hit the Apply button or choose a preset.
    All buttons are 2-way clickable - left down, right = up.
    Settings which automatically get implemented are: preset(1-6), wicks, gaps, symmetric, default and reset.

    Default heaps the app default settings.
    Reset loads the past applied settings. .


    Underneath the buttons 1-6 are the presets loed.
    The panel is designed using default values for the various chart types.
    To overwrite a preset along with your personal settings press the button so it lights up as in the image above.
    Select the number that you want to store your settings too.
    To Combine a preset to the default values only select the number and press the - button.
    When you alter settings across the board you will see the numbers go off or on. This is because it will try
    to coincide with your current settings with one of the presets.

    Open or close a chart:

    You can open or close an offline chart from one panel.
    Change the interval and also the currency input and click the Apply button to open or
    the x(close button) to close.

    Avarage Authentic Range Renko:

    There are 2 options to select with the ATR.Startup: Calculate ATR boxsize on ea startup or when you alter settings. Dynamic: Calculate ATR boxsize to a new bar of the ATR timeframe. Min
    - minimal allowed ATR boxsize.
    - maximum allowed ATR boxsize.
    - Minimum gap in the current boxsize - ATR for recalculating the new ATR boxsize.
    The step is also used for rounding the ATR boxsize.

    When you select a time and your own history is out of date or not loaded yet, wait for a few seconds
    and click Apply button.

    Export to .csv:

    Straightforward export function to make a .csv file where the time becomes substituted with 1 minute timeframe so
    that it can be imported from the MT4 history centre. The .csv document is saved in the export folder (see above).

    Scaling the panel :

    A suitable button for people that have trouble reading the values on the panel.
    The extension is 2-way clickable.
    Left - scale
    right - scale up

    Shing the default.css file.

    When you load the device for the first time the default.css file will be saved in the main program folder (see above) .

    *IMPORTANT*Don`t alter the panel object names. If you break the panel just delete the default.css file and reload template.
    ! Both upgrades need to be downloaded.
    ! In case you have an old version installed you need to manually delete the user_presets and also the default.css from the folder.
    ! If your version is before 3.2 you have to delete the folder.


    for those people using the no panel variant
    latest variant 06-07-2017

    don't hesitate to post/send feedback, queries, requests or a while.
    Hope you'll enjoy this variant.

    Greets Brokemat

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    Looks fantastic @Brokemat

    Thanks for that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Looks fantastic @Brokemat Thank you for that!
    Glad you enjoy it. Can you manage to make the NonGap Renko?

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    Hmm, it's a bit different to
    Once I add the EA and place 47 rather than 2 for example your EA still unlocks the 2M offline chart immediatly (rather than 47M)!?

    So this 2M offline chart is open and has ticks. On v2 Wicks and Apply can alter and this can be immediatly changed within this open offline chart. Lt;- I really don't can do this with v3 here.
    Stage is always 1? I can use this for launching a new one write 47 click on Open and then it's always 1 in there again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hmm, it's a bit different to v2?! When I add the EA and set 47 rather than 2 like your EA still opens the 2M offline chart immediatly (rather than 47M)!? So this 2M offline chart gets ticks and is open. On v2 I can alter Wicks and Apply and this is changed in this offline chart. Lt;- I really don't can do this with v3 here. Stage is always 1? I could use this for launching a new one compose 47 click on Open and then it's always 1 in there?
    Have you ever downloaded the new update posted today? I have changed some code which manages the introduction of the charts.
    It had beenn`t a repair more of some optimisation since this issue you cite I diddn`t noticed. I just tested your difficulty
    using the upgraded version and the charts get opened together with the period you choose. Pls tell me whether the issue is still there
    using the new upgrade. To find the new version you need to download the ea along with the panel.

    BTW as you state it is stuck to period 1, would you load the panel on the 1 minute chart with all the ea or the offline chart?
    The panel belongs on the offline chart in V3.

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    Clarified the opening post a bit because for those that come from version 2 where the panel goes on the chart in which
    the expert is packed with version 3 the board goes on the offline chart. Sorry for the problem.

    Greetz Brokemat

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The panel goes on the offline chart in V3.
    That has been the needed hint

    And period 47M issue mentioned above can be gone after I've downloaded the files again from #1

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    Fault was all mine for not Permitting Understand a mayor fundamental difference between Both versions

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    Hello fellow traders,

    **UPDATED RenkoChartSuite V3

    greetz Mat

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    ** A request for those traders utilizing RenkoChartSuite and the ones refusing to use it **

    What do you like or dislike about the panel and what do you want to see changed or added. Got some free time

    greetz Mat

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