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    I Want some help from the coding Gurus. I wanted to make a function which yields the description of the chart object. For example imagine you have an Indior which finds InsideBars. It creates Text Objects above the bars that are closed whenever they're the description Inside Bar as well as InsideBars with a Name that is specific.

    Regrettably I do not have that much experience with Object Functions. Could someone help me out?

    Series {


    Any help will be very much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Simple strings Such as PriceActionIndi20. Where the amount is that the current time without anything or arrows. The description varies.
    In your EA you can use the current time and construct the name that the label at the current bar would have if it already existed. Then on each new bar look with just that name. If it exists you have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For example imagine you've got an Indior which detects InsideBars. It creates easy Text Objects over the bars that are closed if they're also the description Inside Bar and InsideBars with a Name that is specific.
    How can the names look like?

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    Simple strings like PriceActionIndi20. Where the amount is the current time without anything or dots. Only the description changes.

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    If you can get a pattern to the names of the objects, then you can cycle through the objects.

    Inserted Code int ObjectCount = ObjectsTotal(); for (int I = ObjectCount; I gt; 0; I--) //Select object //Get the item's name //check to see if the name is everything you're looking for

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