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Thread: I will code your EAs and Indiors for no charge

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    This Indior I took it out of this forum and I wish to add an option but I dont understand how to do it.
    Can be added an option for your MA Price? Options: Open, Close, High, Low


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This Indior I took it out of this forum and I wish to add an option but I dont know how to do it. Could be inserted an option for the MA Price? Alternatives: Open, Close, High, Low Due document
    Additional price and shift choice to MA1 MA2 - no time to check - simple edit needs to be no issues.

    See also

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Additional price and shift option to MA1 MA2 - no time to test - easy edit needs to be no problems. See also - - document
    Thank you very much Phylo. It´s working good. And thanks for the links. Can be useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Forgot to add the indi lol ) document

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    Dear 'I will Code for Free. .' I possess a superb EA, it is not Mine..It is Blessings EA, but..few know how to trade it !! The single best Mod, is to permit the wise participate following the 5th Trade, this is more possible for your Basket. Instead of having to change it. . I am trading this EA for 10yrs now..near have it ideal so far as settings..2nd finest mod will be for the EA to scalp high lot trades at the Basket, state following the 5th trade, or even ANY Trades in the basket In Profit, I do so Manually, and substitute the trades with the Blessings works good, However, the EA will count those Trades as closed in Profit, and reduced the value of the Basket, occasionally to the point of the Basket closing in reduction, if I have scalped that much, as does the Evolution EA, occasionally the Basket wouldn't have closed for some time, along with the Scalped Trades will cover the basket off !!
    I trade the EA on the Daily only..MA_22 settings..22 times is fine, if yours research your charts. . Initially I use Martingale-1.0, then when my Account assembles, 1.2, and Much Later-1.4. I use the 34EMA, Close Open, and High, and also the 13 EMA, to Check Trend. . I utilize the Blessings will close with Profit” ANYTIME, I am thinking AHEAD about the Account Margin. . I Don't use the Grid Adjustment via ATR..standard Grid is Great! I take a fixed Profit, say..22pips, since this will Often cause the Basket Grid to take more trades. . I attempted it for yrs with 'just 10 pips”, until I discovered better. . I do not use the Oldest trades-etc. .None of all that..neither that the Hedge segment, as it wasn't Perfected..Could be used to ”Trade the two Ways ie that the Tramps FORUM composing, But His did not Trade it properly, as his used a D.D. limitation (trade both ways with one EA, along with Smart GRID on for both sides of the trade is a WINNER..Defeated exclusively by the Steepest Trend Indior, then when in a Steep Trend, trade it just 1 way. . I would never advoe Trading Blessings EA with less than 1500.00 cash 500-to-1, but it won't ever LOSE, UNLESS..your Luck is quite bad!! I am starting with_1100.00 about June_7th. .Vps_24/5 is a Must..and then View Your EA, could also have an Indy to ensure it is not take trades during News when the Smart Grid is off, and just 1 pair, if yours is frightful. . Can somebody PLEASE HELP..make that EA actually trade to its potential. . I would buy Evolution, but 500.00, and may use on Only 1 Account-No!! EVOLUTION EA, is far better than you ”think, if one can reach the right Settings. . Spirit, I have Done, All I could do..everybody would like to Earn cash Monies, but..Nobody wishes to help make the CORNBREAD..Henny Penny. . Blessings has more POTENTIAL, than ANY commonly known EA..Privately circulated Powerful EA's ABOUND, Nobody desires EVERYBODY to make FOREX MONIES AT THE RETAIL LEVEL, EXCEPT A FEW LOVING PEOPLES !! Not the Broker's. .All my sincere love, jimmy

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    Forgot some things..Dragon EA from F.F. would be Kick Ass, had a Flexible Grid like Blessings, and a Smart Grid, also Adjustable martingale settings_1.4 would be good. .” Ole Win2pips IV BP-2000, has an ok EA, but I wont tell his Anything..because his is at work for ”me'. No longer Muslim..but his EA is fine, not as good as DRAGON EA..His B.P.-2000, wants everybody to kiss his Hind Parts. . A license key EVERY MONTH..foolish for me, When his was really trying to assist Trader's nobody had the Mq4, But..his is Safeguarding his Work..yea. .right!! The Ice News info is included, so the intelligent grid could be left safely, in case no New's events..For one pair only. . IF DRAGON EA could have adjustable martingale settings..and had this Blessings Adjustable Grid 25/50/100, clever grid also, it would be a superb EA. . I was born Muslim, so I became Buddhist, I adore all the authentic Humanity. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Try this original document
    have you got a setfile? Do you want help progressing it?

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    This indior Shows an
    ADX of M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4
    CCI of M1, M5, M15

    Can anyone code this to run on Those time frames:

    ADX - M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1
    CCI - H1, H4, D1

    I'm trying to use this indior for a higher time frame.
    Much appreciated if anyone can do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey specialist coders, I've a little issue within my indior concerning no. Points screen. Can you please help me out. Thanks. For several currencies (sometime, maybe not always), specimens shown are inconsistent. Broker mt4 displays 5 digits. Code snippet, for NZDUSD,: NormalizeDouble(XYZ, MathMin(4,MarketInfo(TradePairs,MODE_DIGITS))) displays 0.69510000000001 NormalizeDouble(XYZ, MathMin(5,MarketInfo(TradePairs,MODE_DIGITS))) displays 0.69504999999999 NormalizeDouble(XYZ, MarketInfo(TradePairs,MODE_DIGITS)) displays 0.69504999999999 same code...
    #Replug. Can somebody please check and help.

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