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Thread: the Survival of my $220.99

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    the Survival of my $220.99

    assalamualaikum and hello to my own threads visitor

    currently I am new to Currency Market, im having so much losses compared to winning
    hehah well, I never give up

    following studying most diary here, I have decided to start my own diary and stating my small survival of $220.99 hehe

    I commerce utilizing marketiva platform (which is the only platform I have right now). Will update to bigger platform just if I have very2 big capital

    great luck to me and expect that this 2008 kindly provides me more green than red :

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    Oh is it? Hehah
    I still don't know much bout that leverage
    actually how much% should I start from my margin?

    Appears to be now I've open over 5 percent from my equilibrium and floating like hell

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    Your trade is 1200 gbp/jpy. 1200 gbp is 1200 X 1.98 (current rate) = 2376 usd. 2376 / / 221 (your equilibrium ) = 10.75.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    your trade is 1200 gbp/jpy. 1200 gbp is 1200 X 1.98 (current rate) = 2376 usd. 2376 / / 221 (your equilibrium ) = 10.75.
    I am not so clear. .
    U mean I just can open 1075 quantity only to exchange? (safeway?)

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    Please tell me that you have some Expertise or Instruction in the FX

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    I do not think so...!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Please inform me that you've got some experience or training at the forex

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Please inform me that you have some expertise or instruction in the FX
    up to now, I don't attend any training/class. .
    experience? Hehe playying with my virtual, and 1-2 weeks with dwell account
    only try and mistake (but largely was mistake

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    yay~. . Marketiva open. . And I online around
    6.30am (GMT 8)
    and my floating became more hell! Heheh
    here post the current situation of the
    place, prices and account

    pretty scary or fairly dumb!
    I do not know. .

    what shud I do... shud I close it or shud I stay?

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    Mate get down to babypips and browse throughout the lessons select a simple effective trading system like 3 ducks. You may begin to recoup some losses. Fantastic fortune

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    mate get down to babypips and read through the lessons then choose a simple effective trading platform like 3 studs. Maybe then you can begin to recover some losses. Fantastic luck
    thank you for your hints. I will proceed there

    ps* I will update my survival in daily outcome

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