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    LSharps Journal


    closed positions (CP):

    eur/chf -68 pips
    gbp/usd 296 pips
    eur/usd 46 pips
    usd/jpy 184 pips
    eur/gbp -17 pips
    gbp/usd 183 pips
    usd/chf 95 pips

    current open positions (OP):
    sell usd/jpy 226 pips
    buy usd/cad -2 pips

    usd/jpy: Based on MN1 chart, there is a good likelihood that the tendency on W1 will finish soon. The open position could be kept for a long time; and there will be plenty of opportunities for adding on.

    Usd/cad: On W1, the tendency appears to be established and it's reasonable, although not very secure, to put in a long position using the sign on D1 chart.

    At the comming days of the week, it's very probable that all of the non-usd's are gonna enter retraces of all H4-level; then, if the lengthy trends on D1/W1 have yet to be broken, then there come the golden possibilities for entering H4-level long positions for the majority of the, in the end, non-usd currencies.

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    The egy now is to sell H1-level down tendencies for many currencies againt jpy, could be chf, eur, gbp, aud, cad, usd. At most 5 rankings. Just wait for the signal.
    Lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt ;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;

    signal appeared,

    sell usd/jpy 07-17 105.07 s/t 105.47
    sell eur/jpy 07-17 166.27 s/t 166.95
    sell gbp/jpy 07-17 210.01 s/t 211
    sell aud/jpy 07-17 104.82 s/t 105.38
    sell cad/jpy 07-17 105.07 s/t 105.47

    lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt ;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;

    now hasn't been a fruitful day....


    sell usd/jpy 88
    sell nzd/usd 30

    plans: buy eur, gbp, aud contrary to usd, and sell usd/cad usd/chf for prospective H4-level tendencies
    lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt ;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;lt;gt;

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    Usd/cad is manually closed, since the first reason of entering has become too weak.

    The short place of nzd/usd is opened on UMT 07-16 00:25 @0.7717 S/L: 0.7780. Similar reason as the previous start.

    Sell limitation eur/gbp 0.7956 s/t 0.7967


    usd/cad -12 pips


    sell usd/jpy 218pips
    sell nzd/usd -1 pip