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Thread: SRDC II Journal for All

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    SRDC II Journal for All

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to start a team journal for SRDC II. I know this will benefit me greatly and I hope you as well to have the ability to post transactions we chose, rationale behind accepting the trade(s), compare our analysis along with other people, and permit other people to comment and perhaps correct our logic if it is faulty.

    My last trade:

    Trend changed today from short to long and we had an extremely extended candle on the 15min chart that approached the 0 weekly fib level -- I went short at this level while the price was only a smidge in the upper quadrant. I set a target of 10 pips because of it being countertrend. Result -- 10pips.

    I consider this a high risk trade and not after SRDC rules difficult and fast.

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    Greetings, fun nite but a very long one for me. I had been in the TS room the majority of the nite but had the internet connection down for some time here on the Oregon coast (70 mph wind gusts to get a bit took out several trees), but was able to find some action for a few pips:

    Quite fundamental SRDC stuff, just searching for fractures of resistance in the modern situation, breaking yesterday high for the first transaction, then took the second following the bounce off the 4th Q support lineup.

    : ) Thom

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    I exited my previously posted transaction due to the simple fact I was lazy and didn't want to see it. If I followed SRDC two rules as I know them I would have sold 3 lots in Q1 -- taken 10 pips on the first lot, taken TP2 at the channel midline at 1.9659, and allow the 3rd lot (smallest percentage) operate and had a possible 40 pips down to the 23.6 retracement.

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    Thank you for beginning this, wonderful concept, and exactly what I needed.
    But I am a little perplexed. I thought SRDCII trades over the 1 hr chart, with the four quadrants setup.
    Are you using an indior for those channels?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Thank You for starting this thread.
    It's very tough to read the traces of your chart due to the background colour.

    Also in the event that you would like to comply with the procedure rules, the quadrants should be shown on hourly chart.

    All Your Decision.


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    PipSteve - on TeamSpeak we have been drilling down to the 15 minute to fine tune entries/exits. Always, always, always looking at the hourly and daily before doing anything. I utilize Aha's LRC tool, but the stations you're viewing are Standard Deviation stations that appear to fit better in the current moment.

    Howard, you're right. Because my charts get really cluttered so readily I'm using the Quadrants by website instead of actually employing these to my charts in the charts you're looking at. I utilized an Orange background in honor of Orange Roshan, but you're absolutely right it is very difficult to see. I will try white next time (black kills also many printers).


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    Additionally, we've even been studying the 5 minute chart as Henry has pointed out there is lots of very good detail there when price action plays about the Quadrant lines shown , the same morning as in my 15m trade above but a few more hours to daily:

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    Acrete, you mention TLaudioAlerts, what's that please?


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    If you go into Accrete's website, he has some Trend Line audio alarm indiors you can download. Just place them across the channel lines in your latest channel and it will give you an audio alarm once it hits online. I believe their submitted beneath Accrete's trading procedure. Additionally, be sure you get the soundfiles that go together with the indiors. They are posted in the exact same place.


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    Been having internet connectivity issues today so no new trades posted by me today. Today anyone who caught -- please post it!


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