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Thread: Take the money and run.....

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    Take the money and run.....

    Going to start a journal.

    I will be trading EU exclusively trying to grab intra/interday trends.
    I will be using a three position egy using a modified stocastic, a MACD and a trend following indi like the GannHiLo. (One place based on each indior). I might have both long and short positons open at precisely the same time, so will be using a sub account in Oanda.

    Where this trading can differ from other approaches is I will be taking money off the table when a transaction is in profit and allowing the remainder run. I will post the transactions I create and their result here.

    Probably going to utilize the 1hr timeframe. I have yet to settle take profit or stop loss amounts, but am looking to tweak as time goes on.

    Is going to be trading demonion for your first couple of weeks, but this isn't for fun. I intend to make this egy online asap.

    More to follow along.

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    Trade 2. Long EU. 1/2 a postion @ 1.3308. S/L @ 15 pips.

    10.32 gtm. Update: S/L transferred to B/E. Free trade.
    12.15 gmt. Update: S/L hit for 0 pips.

    TRADE Two SUMMARY = 0 pips

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    Trade 3. Short half a position EU @ 1.3209. S/L 15 pips. Will add when we return...

    Riskier early entry trade.

    12.27 gmt Update: S/L hit. -7.5 pips

    TRADE 3 SUMMARY = -7.5 pips

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    Trade 4. Short EU @ 1.3315. S/L 15 pips.

    15.45. Update: S/L hit -15 pips.

    TRADE 4 SUMMARY = -15 pips

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    Trade 5. Long EU @ 1.3364. S/L 15 pips.

    16.06 gmt, Update: Closed half 13. S/L moved into B/E....that moved quickly.
    16.15, Update: S/L on additional half moved to 5
    16.17, Update: S/L on additional half moved to 12. Strong move, hoping it's going to activate additional buying.
    16.31, Update: S/L on additional half hit for 12.

    TRADE 5 SUMMARY - 13 12/2 = 12.5 pips.

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    Trade 6. Short EU @ 1.3374. S/L 15 pips.
    Just looking for a few pips here on the retrace.
    17.08 gmt, Update: Trade closed manually 1. Not worth taking the risk on additional fast upside.

    TRADE 6 Overview - 1 pip

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    Trade 7. Long EU @ 1.3376, S/L 15 pips.

    Multiple signs for long on the 1hr TF.

    17.20 gmt, Update: Moved stop from 15 to 5. Not expecting the lack of any true inertia.

    17.33 gmt, Need to step out for a while. Gunna let this 1 run. Targeting 1.3399 to close first half. Price alert collection.

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    Hey dude, for the type of pips you are trading, you definetely should look at some faster timeframes then H1.

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    First trade taken. Extended EU @ 1.3271. 20 pip S/L.

    Trade based on 1hr Stoc and see to preceding resistance.


    08:45 gmt. Update: Half closed for 15. B/E was place to by other half.
    09:02 gtm. Update: Additional half S/L moved to 5
    09:10 gmt. Update: Additional half S/L moved to 10.
    09:55 gmt. Update: Additional half ceased out for 10.

    TRADE 1 SUMMARY: 15 10/two = 12.5 pips.

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