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Thread: Baba Gs Pro Trader Log.

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    All as intended on gbp/swiss B/E on all areas of the ticket with 180 pips to play before I die nice lets see....we continue

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    Strat posted a fantastic story on his stress free thread and he used to manualy do his charting thank my lucky stars...

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    Dull month about the pubs front for me.Had a little short love on gbp/swiss(god ive loved selling that pair).
    There in which a handful of good demo wins as I expand the system to more appliions.Swami S provided superb 4hr price action potentials short yen in light of no daily per sei but weekly engagements.On the back office had some new investor enquiries and maybe a lead from the charitable trust project.Looking forward into the think tank with and his thread seems good.

    Still waiting for trend continuation bars really aside from the yens .Gbpswiss brief is pending under the ib about the weekly and it.Time will tell.

    P.s. I hope that the back office part does not endure me in violation of any rules about the forum.Its a vital part of my journey and as important for my growth as a trader as picking the winner.If it's please contact me and we can tackle the subject.G

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    As Leonardo Da Vinci said:
    There are a few that see,
    you will find a few that see when shown,
    you will find a few that dont see.
    How amazingly amplified that is the FX market.
    Consistancy plays second fiddle to greed which blinds the newbie into the careful work that should take place.Nothing over reckless players using a spin of a system bridgeing islands of knowledge from a huge sea of ignorance.I assume it aids the liquidity issue out there!
    Whats this got to do with trading? Nothing thats the point

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    What alot of dojis across the yens and the Cad,Swissy has an IB that the size of a small nation which it's, cable and fiber nothing.To me this implies worldwide doji/Ib or nobody has a clue whats next which in light of NFP makes sense.So I know that we dont know and being I have no fantastic set ups it makes sense.Even my final hope of an ib on kiwi is 0.5 pips or half a pip inside the previous bar....great that the notion of an inside bar is that the smaller the better what would you think im gonna do. . .Nothing. Price action could be much better than this .

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    For the longest period at around 7pm london I take a look around to expect todays bar close and see what information if any I can profit from this close in relation to the enviroment of price bars supp/res ect.Today I had a brief gbp/swiss under that I.B it didnt engage but that amount stays valid and also my ticket will remain pending.7 times out of 10 price comes back and occasionally with much more price action that I always love.Any manner ive done well promoting that pair from about august last I believe and december on this cross was a dream aahahhh former glories!!!
    Tonight nevertheless my attention is on Nzd/usd or kiwi,I last sold this on thursday/Fri past which was a pending from the former weds.I as it cause shes broken the weekly lows and is the engagment of a monthly IB and its own on trend.All in all I think its got alot going for it so if it sticks like this will prob have a ticket on this.

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