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Thread: Toggle custom indior on and off

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    Toggle custom indicator on and off

    Is MT4 effective at allowing a Custom Indior to be toggled off and on, via a script?

    I am considering something parallel to this Trade Naked script,,
    that hides all items on the chart, toggling them off and on via a hot key. But in my case, it would toggle off and on just one Custom Indior, state CustomCandle6 for example.

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    Only an idea... One way of accomplishing this would be to use a global variable. You'd have a script that would toggle an international variable to show or hide. Change your indior to show itself only when the global variable is display and to not show if the global variable is conceal. My fast idea is something similar to this:-

    Script code

    Indior code
    SetIndexStyle(3, DRAW_NONE, EMPTY, EMPTY, CLR_NONE);

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    I see. So it seems possible, whether as script or indior, utilizing GV.
    Thanks Sir Okane, terima kasih

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    what your asking can be done and more, but you have to have the knowledge of how MT runs and programing generally. From the screen shots attatched you can see that not only can the charts be removed however changed, and I've taken it a step ferther by having classes indior that I call iPack documents.

    The titles of the lower window displayed (to the very right of every window) is that the indior collection, the indior in view is displayed with a watermark behine the indior.

    These classes are controled with all the icons loed next to the trade window (currently demoning no trading) you can turn on and off any groupe or even combiation of them, the indior in the iPack documents are controled with the iCons loed beneath the cycle chart in the center of the display. The titles that are displayed to the right of the bicycle chart are iCons to control and what the cycle chart will reveal.

    So what your asking can be done and a lot more but it a very complex coding task.


    There are 4 screen shots combined in this picture,

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is MT4 capable of enabling a Custom Indior to be toggled on and off, via a script?

    I'm thinking of something parallel to the Trade Naked script,,
    which hides all of objects on the chart, toggling them on and off using a hot key. But in my case, it might toggle on and off just a single Custom Indior, say CustomCandle6 for example.

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    I though I throw this in to;

    The menu that appears to the left is also a hot spot on the chart should you mouse click one, it will pop up a ledger sheet having some information on it. This one is the lot sizing. Note that it has long and short lot sizing be trigger the program knows market direction, so if you put an order it will do so with the correct lot size foundation if your following the trend or conter fashion trading.

    To place an order all one needs to to is to drag and drop a iCon that is now in opinion in the trade window, after a trade is place other options will appear in the exchange window to handle you trades from other iCons. Some stop capibilities are automaticly setup after an order is place but the user may add other capacities too with different iCons that will arise after an order is placed,

    Another regions that are hi lighted are hot spots on the chart The crayon fashion lines are there the small red box is a hot spot, alot of my graphics are stationary and just get attracted once and never revisted, if the graphics make accidently deleted or transferred out of loion, all I have to to is mouse over that small red range box and the graphic get redrawn or placed back in there right full place,

    The instantaneous zone is a trading hot spot area were the executor either takes information from or pleaces information to. Its to command and or handle orders

    I can even change all indior parameters right on the chart in real time together with visiting the indior dilalog box.

    Theres a lot longer;


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    Fascinating work, Sir Keit.
    Is that MT4/MQL4? It sounds something else?
    How CPU-intensive can it be?

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    answered your PM.

    Its all MT4, I reconstructed the chart window to show what and were I wanted matters. Its all coded in mq4.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    fascinating work, Sir Keit.
    Is this MT4/MQL4? It seems something else?
    How CPU-intensive is it?

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    I see it's possible to toggle your indiors on/off by placing a GlobalVariable to true/false a script.
    But once deactivated you still have to change the TF to your shift to get reflected on screen.
    Is there a way to force the screen to upgrade and hide the indior via the GlobalVariable system all in one go?

    Thanks anybody!

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    I've been curious if that is possible?
    Toggling a personalized indior with a hotkey or script?

    Example, toggling an MA on/off the chart.
    Is this achieved with a generic piece of code? (I would like to understand and see the .mq4)

    Thank you!

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