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    EUR/GBR question

    Hi, I'm new to FX. Just do not know the character of a few of the pairs. This may be a dumb question. I expect that some expertise FX trader can answer my question. I discovered that EUR/GBR are constantly in a range surroundings, and its price doesn't go up and down alot(constantly remain in a range). On the flip side, Both EUR/CHF and GBR/EUR are distinct. They move quite a bit everyday. In my opinion, they're all European country.Why are they different and what make them distinct?


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    While I exchange EUR/GBP I mainly trade them off 4H or daily charts because it's a bit more slow moving. However, the pip value in USD is the greatest around so in the event that you ch a fantastic trend it can be worth a lot.

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    Benso, this is just a multi-year consolidation interval aiming around the .6800 area. The range is just going to keep getting smaller and smaller. But looks like inside the next few months were going to see a long-term break inside this pair. Any speculation about which way its gonna go?

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