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Thread: Simplest system ever

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    Hi BullRock
    Thank you for sharing,but which time frames will you use this method to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have voted luck, since I have traded with this system before....

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    That also correlates with my results. So far as the MM is concerned diversifiion is 1 key to this. Subsequently the analysis of pubs is the other. Also I'm using the slope of a moving average. Afterwards I can post pics.

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    Seems interesting, really simple, not time consuming and performing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thx for sharing

    However, what about short Transactions?

    Same do the reverse. If preceding high is lower than the one before and the close is lower than the open. Sell on the start. SL is currently 1/2 of the daily ATR. If SL struck reverse. That DAY, do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I believed I am gonna start a new thread with my daytrading system.

    Look at preceding 2 pubs. If yesterdays pubs' low is greater than the one before AND close is greater than the start. Buy on the open of the current pub.
    SL is 1/2 of those daily ATR. If SL hit reverse. Do this ONLY ONCE.
    No take profit or break even. Close at the end of the day. Next day replie.

    Short inverse.

    What's the ATR lookback?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    looks intriguing, really simple, not time consuming and performing...
    Thanks. Of course one shouldn't bet the farm. So I think 1%-2% risk is that the max. Basically on a really bad day if risk 1 percent compared to 2% of their account can be gone. On a series of very bad days than can be substantial. Shit can occur as they say. This isn't a holy grail. I would risk 0.5% on any pair in one direction. Find small correlated pairs and apply the process on 10. The cumulative risk might be approximately 5%-10% but the ACTUAL risk might be reduced due to the non-correlation. I am doing the calculations I do not have yet specific replies.

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    Rules can be also applied by one. I've published. I am using it on a daily basis and it makes consistent profits. My calculations, such as spread, slippage factor etc revealed 2000 pips for approx 200 times!!! That's 10pips a day on average. BUT THAT IS AVERAGE.

    The statistician stated that the river 1 m deep on AVERAGE and the drowned. . So one can have 10 loosing days and the 10 winning days in a row. Can you endure that. Well one should modifie into the ones flavor so it can be accepted emotionally and not violated!!!

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    This isn't a good day for this particular egy. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This isn't a good day for this particular egy. Oh well.
    So basically the system again plays out well. Since we have closed with a lesser low the Friday. I went brief the GU. And so far so good. There's also a system update on the first article.

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