Forex or stocks, which one is more risky
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Thread: Forex or stocks, which one is more risky

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    Forex or stocks, which one is more risky

    Hi everybody, am a newbie still in studying and out of curiousity, I would love to know which is more risky, FX or stocks

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    It is about moment you are buying. On FX you can profit both on decreasing or increasing motion. Forex is more corrective (retracement) market. Forex has leverage effect. You are able to win with hard labour really much, but with litlle less working you can reduce a fortune. In stock you have to give much many to really have much many, it is another filosofy compared to FX. But in all honesty poeple are perhaps losing the most on FX market, becouse of revenue it indie (do you think it is paradox?) . Forex is quickly way in both directions, in stock you have only one way. Maybe you are talking about stock indexes, then it's alteranitve to FX. Maybe eysier in the beginning. If you do not have special talent you wil lose in FX continuously in the beginning. Dont give up it. You must find out to do the things right.
    You have to find what satisfies you. If you are positional, swing, then minute trader... Then loe a menthod. Build it (and share it with neighborhood which gived to you! ;--RRB-. Be patient, dont push the cause occasionaly - have discipline. All you know.
    Hope you may joy the community!

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    Roughly how much can you guys make a month and is it consistence?

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    You need to remember that profitality itself is only a figure,
    and you should also take into account such variable as risk amount. The more
    profit you want, the more risky are the business enterprise. Good examples here are
    financial markets, futures trading is not as risky and less propfitable, inventory
    market is more risky and more profitable, Forex is the most risky and many
    profitable. In financial markets, you can find ur point of balance
    between risk level and profitality.

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    I'm a student right now (both Foreign Exchange and at the standard sense), so I'm happy to break even or simply make a little spending money every month. Nothing to live off of, this time will come after, once I feel more comfortable with the market and my platform, also when I will finance a bigger account.

    Recall the cliché: 95 percent of Foreign Exchange traders lose, so in the event that you break even, you're far better than 95 percent of everyone else.

    This forum features plenty of information available, and should you make the most of it until you drop a single penny in to Foreign Exchange, you might be able to avoid many of the mistakes all the other beginners (myself included) have made.

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    Risk isn't a function of the market, it's a use of the trader.

    Risk is controlled by place dimensions and egy, and position dimensions and egy is controlled by trader. To call any market risky or unrisky is naive.

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    Well thanks for ruining my replies, Merlin

    Yes, is accurate. However, why folks say FX is risky is because most new traders don't understand how much they can lose and how quickly they can lose that, thereby putting themselves in huge quantities of risk.

    Can you at least give me this Merlin?

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    Thanks guys for the help , one more question; is there any good book on forex risk management?

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    I dont think either of the markets carries more risk than another. There are so many different ways to trade the markets. If you go to stocks, are you going to exchange pennies as mentioned in another article, or mega caps by sector? In Currency Market are you going to scalp, position trade etc?

    I exchanged penny stocks for a while. . I lost a lot. I exchange stocks, even however just big or mega caps and just after I do lots of DD on the sector I'm trading. I also exchange FX, I do not try to scalp for 5-10 pips, I exchange longer duration. Provided that I mean over a week. . Even longer if it makes sense.

    Stay away from trading in both the markets and you'll be a lot better off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    risk isn't a function of the market, it is a function of the trader.

    Risk is controlled by place size and egy, and position size and egy is controlled by trader. To call any market risky or unrisky is naive.
    Same notion wit u.. .

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