Realistic Monthly Trading Profit?
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Thread: Realistic Monthly Trading Profit?

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    Realistic Monthly Trading Profit?

    Hey men,

    Its been nearly 20 days since I've been trading and I had been wondering what is a realistic/ideal monthly percentage profit? Cheers.

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    Since I became more focussed on controlling my risk and being selective with my transactions, the profits have cared for themselves.
    Ever wonder why the amateur rugby player sometimes drops the previous pass before crossing the search?

    He's watching the try line Rather than the ball...

    Control your risk and focus on your processes, and also the profits treat themselves \/ \/ \/

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    Fantastic point , even in the event that you were able to make over the bank can give, you are doing good. Its just that we constantly want more more and never seem realistically as You're pointing out it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Sorry blueknight - I am not certain on which planet you live, but typical interest rates for savings accounts in the developed world is under 1% PER YEAR, not monthly.

    I think 1% a month is very good (from forex), 2-3% will be ideal (at least for USD/EUR based accounts) however there are weeks I would not like to trade whatsoever (Dec-Jan, a rest is good).

    I see a lot of people try to get insane profits (10. . .25. . .50. . .100% PER MONTH). I think that's the type of expectation that makes most people to go bankrupt overnight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote 1.5-3%. If you are getting less than that, start a savings account with your local bank.
    Sorry blueknight - I am not sure on which planet you live, but typical interest rates for savings accounts from the developed world is under 1% each year, not a month. In the event you have above 500k you even have to PAY interest with some banks.

    If one can reach 1 percent a month by trading, that would translate into a 13 percent a year - which is already by far higher than what the SP500 delivered in the last few years and what the stock market delivered on average over the last 100 decades. Anyone who attracts that kind of (before taxation) return off for decades are going to have an wonderful retirement nest egg.
    Therefore, men do not get discouraged by simply achieving a 1 percent a month - you are beating the market by a mile and 90 percent of professional money managers out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .. .what would be a realistic/ideal monthly percentage profit? Cheers.

    If you are getting less than this, open a savings account with your regional bank.

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    Something else which matters is how big one's trading account is - sometimes it's a lot easier to exchange with a larger account, because it provides you more emotional security. Additionally, of course, what matters the most is experienced and knowledgeable a trader is. A more experienced trader would have larger results in the end of monthly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I believe people should concentrate on a moderate percent, as it can be utilized as an excellent indior of when to allow transactions operate. It is also a fantastic reminder to bank some profits if you have let them operate and helps to cancel the but I do not need to overlook nature of trading. If I need 1-2 percent each week and I have already made that, then I can allow my second trade run..and perhaps even fall back into BE, as I've already banked my profits to the week. Or I could put ahead a bit and bank that my 1-2% for second week this week and also have an Excess week to exchange without having...
    nefser, there are just so many tardes that your system will generate in different types of market conditions, some weeks more, some less

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    Don't let emotions involved in trading because it would be quite harmful to the trader. Make sure traders have good abilities in order to get best outcome and even now I try to maximize my actual trading account order to get results

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    Dont trade with maintaining focus on monthly profit, you cannot be always monthly with profit try to focus on positive and negative trading collection. As an instance I in good trading show make 20 times profit and in poor collection loose my deposit. Trading series take around 6 months. And within my serie I put around 5% of my capital, this works for me.

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