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Thread: Can a grid trader survive?

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    Mathematically speaking, it's impossible; hence, to get a pure grid system, the answer is a firm No in long term.

    If a system can only survive in short duration, then it should not be called as a method; if a trader doesn't employ a system so that she/he can exchange systematically, the odds against her/him are enormous.

    (I am not a native-speaker#65289;

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Mathematically speaking, it is impossible; hence, to get a pure grid system, the solution is a company No in long term. In case a system can only endure in short term, then it shouldn't be called as a method; when a trader doesn't employ a system in order she/he can exchange systematically, the chances against her/him are huge. (I'm not a native-speaker#65289;
    Yes I concur. Thank you

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    In the event that forex is conquerable, this can be on account of price (not at all like the roulette wheel) does not generally move 50/50, otherwise referred since there are 'ineffective facets' or 'non-haphazardness', and you're prepared to build a framework to abuse these. So the reply to the OP's inquiry moves toward becoming: Can a network framework in itself acknowledge advertise ineffective facets? Network frameworks in themselves perform no examination, in this way the appropriate response is obviously no.

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    Grid trading is good for beginning observing a behaviour of the market. The trick to survive is not lose your money though the market will fall.

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    I am quite skeptical about this entire Grid thing. A number of my buddies adopted multiple variations of this egy and none of them obtained positive results in the long term.

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    Can a grid trader endure?
    Can a trader endure? Failure rate about 95%....but can a trader endure...5 percent will....YES traders may endure....

    Currently from those 5 percent of the successful traders if you ask them can a grid trader endure. . .most will leap and say no? Most of these....
    Cause they haven't discovered a way to endure from grid trading. Being in the 5 percent doesn't necessarily make you a know all in trading....and even if you exchange for more than 20 decades still does not make you a know all....
    Of course you know more than just a newbie. . .cause you've done more errors....tried more approaches. . .etc. . .etc....but very far from knowing all....

    Induce a trader is only successful an authority in his manner of trading....there are countless off ways ....millions of 2 traders exchange the same system the same you may imagine....

    Grid trading....what type of grid trading? 1 management grid trading? Bi- directional grid trading? ....using marti or not....all kinds of combinations....

    Okay. . .to make a long story short....YES grid trading can be very successful (my view) with very small risk also....but then again you have to find the best way to exchange it that way....and someone may never find it....

    I think there is not any impossible in trading just because someone can't do it..or says it can't be achieved....the is always someone that does do it in the end....

    Loe a method that you feel comfortable with and try to perfect it....make it yours....

    Good Luck!


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