This weeks GBP/JPY Analysis and Predictions
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Thread: This weeks GBP/JPY Analysis and Predictions

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    This weeks GBP/JPY Analysis and Predictions

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    You believe there might be something to all that ...??? It has crossed my mind

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Could be interesting to inspect the link between that and Autism - which is about 1 in 166. It was closer to 1 in 400k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Here is a possible bullish wedge. I really don't expect price to proceed too far below both bottom purple lines, each providing powerful support (in 220.70 and 220.52)!
    Hi zoran,
    I've been searching all over the place to get a mentor or someone that can direct me up to the gbp/jpy pair is concern. I'm fairly new in the business and only found this thread not long past. I'm impressed that you're so ready to share what you know and making trade calls that make sense.

    I moved at 222.00. Let's see what happens. And I'm always keen to learn. i look forward to more insights from you.

    thank you.


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    1 Attachment(s) We had a fantastic egy commerce on Last Friday NY around 232.80 area. I didn't take the trade simply because it was a Friday NY I am hoping for a weekend dip to move long for 200 pip trade. My target is 234.80. However because we have the daily support (QQE daily crossed upward and verified) we may see the price will probably reach 235.80 (300 pips from the entrance) place on Monday or Tuesday in regards down for a retracement.

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    Unfortunately I have been quite busy this weekend so without submitting some charts, I will provide you some analysis.

    I guess there is a bit more up motion left in GJ - a fantastic spot to add or short to shorts would be around 240.90. Coming back to that resistance line possibly for the last time before a major fall.

    I visit the DOW poking its head just above 13,700 and GU moving to around 2.1030.

    In the levels I have just mentioned, all three will achieve strong resistance once again. Therefore my aim is to be brief at or around those levels by scaling.

    This is not guaranteed and price could break the resistance. In that case I would expect a fairly large north move and have my positions reversed. But again, I'll be brief while inside the brick walls.

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    Great zoran ... love ur analysis man ...

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    I have had a look at the 224 degree in greater detail and that I will see that it has some historical importance. It seems that price prefers to sit on the 224 degree and then occasionally dip below to bounce off 221/220. Also, it goes around about the low/mid 228 place before bouncing back.

    So now we might be ranging between those levels (and possibly for a very long time to come!) . It is comparable to what we are seeing today but it has lasted a year previously. as a result of interest differential, I am still aiming to reverse long and maintain at 221/220.

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    I am looking for a reversal if my goal hit around the 221/220 region. Reading the timepoints from some time pros on a different site, if this happens on Friday or Monday I will be assured of a change.

    Now from 221/220 I am expecting 245/247 so a nice 2500 pip potential there with positive attention.... I'll be looking to enter quite large if that level print - these opportunities don't come often.

    The caveat always is if that service breaks then I hope to see a large move south and have my rankings reversed but I will enter long whilst within the wall.

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    Looks like we have reversed over the expected orange shaded area and going as large as 232.39. I'm now targeting 221.

    There is a potential 1000 pips in the change stage. Strong support is sitting on 220.52 (purple line in the base). It might be a bumpy ride down.

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    I am currently searching for somewhere to reverse this retracement and continue south to target. Goal is currently 221 and I am presuming the retracement could go to 231.5. There appears to be quite a bit of resistance in that region. I wouldn't expect it to go much higher than 232.7. Expected reversal is someplace inside the orange shaded area.

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