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Thread: Alfa159s trading room

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    Hello there everybody. I'm a trader for 3 decades, though it is low for some knowledgeable traders standards, I still believe myself to be a good trader. I am just going to cut to the chase. This topic is for people whom like my thoughts and egies.

    My trading egy is based on fib amounts and Bollinger Bands on 4h to determine the trend and daily pivot with fib amounts and a few other indiors to find an entry level at 5 m charts.
    I do not hold position for hours I'm a scalper.

    Occasionally I will keep you updated with all charts. I will attempt to post as much as I can, though there's absolutely absolutely no way for me to post my transactions.

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    09:35 UK time

    Bought EurChf @ 1.5735 targeting 1.5765

    Just had a close over the daily rally on 5m charts. Although the pair has been falling down in the last few hours, I am waiting a small correction towards the 5SMA in the four charts but not touching it. A close below 1.5715 in 5m charts are my SL

    Edited at 10:00 UK time
    My 4h candle just opened under 5SMA therefore I am putting my TP in BE which is 1.5735

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    09:41 UK time

    Sold UsdCad @ 1.2453
    Tp @ 1.2462
    SL @ if pair closes above 1.2481 in 5 m charts. Will take action.

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