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Thread: Back to the Future – My Freewheeling Journal

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    Back to the Future – My Freewheeling Journal

    Welcome to my universe.

    Rule n°1 -- This is my journal and I'll do and write exactly what I need.
    Rule n°2 -- Respect. For one, for me, for everybody.
    Rule n°3 -- Don't post charts on drugs or works of art on these pages. (LOL)

    Rule n°4 - Don't forget rule n°2, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote maybe it is... I'm done trading I do not know what she's hoping to do anymore I've no certainty left to maintain ing might get my feet stomped on and lose the few chips I've collected. If there's no certainty for a trade it is a bet and just now I'm learning to distinguish between both and understand when to stop. Another disclosure, thanks to the little gem lt;diary gt;
    Come on! You beging to see Hi and LO.
    Clean your head.
    Repair some limit!
    Draw a line... OK till there and no longer.
    Employ your new vision.

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    Well... I don't want to confuse and disorient a number of my readers... however: all depends from your level of knowledge (along with your style of trading...)

    Do you have your adjusted rules on Trend definition and determination?
    Can you distinguish and separate Impulsive Push from Corrective Attempt?
    Do you have your precise rules on Turning Points? ...
    If yes... then you're in a position to do what you want with Price's Dynamics... that you are able to play with within the oscillations!

    You don't know what you are doing? Sorry but you're likely to die before you could even say S.. t!

    - When bulls make money, bears don't. And vice versa.
    - If you're a bull with all the bulls you'll make money
    - If you're a bear with all the bears you'll make money
    - Just remember to not be a PIG!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote how can you moved brief right at the top where you looking at higher TFs? I purchased it from London as it was making HH's and HL's besides London open which was not actually a HL but I considered it long I only would have went brief once it touched back to that point after fighting to find higher support for one more leg up and shattered below London low making a new low my mental roadmap was doing good today but I naively waited for a resistance test that obviously didn't happen
    why do you buy into bear flag???

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    @335 banked all of the profit... last platoon running.

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    Needing to square... I obliged myself to stay.

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    Do what you need, my Dear.
    My stop is set up.

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