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Thread: Back to the Future – My Freewheeling Journal

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    Back to the Future – My Freewheeling Journal

    Welcome to my universe.

    Rule n°1 -- This is my journal and I'll do and write exactly what I need.
    Rule n°2 -- Respect. For one, for me, for everybody.
    Rule n°3 -- Don't post charts on drugs or works of art on these pages. (LOL)

    Rule n°4 - Don't forget rule n°2, please.

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    this is what I do when I start to get bored...

    I ripped that the old dead grass and replaced with new ones... not even near the professionals workmanship but to me its good enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote It's this thing of the ";Babel Tower"; that is destroying me... LOL I think that ";through Internet"; a real discussion is probably impossible. We all use the very same words with different significance: incline, trend, swing, momentum... This moment I can not be sure of what you really get. How could I? Of believing in waves in perfect your effort. Your analysis of intentions and their other moves, perfect! But your use of the word ";Trap"; put a few concerns. You have to conclude in Dow conditions and rate the alterations in the swings' force....
    Or shakeout /neutralise buyers - so 1st LH a few peeps will go because pullback since they go with the today feel price is extended so I will go that way- they will trade inside bar break and go long - they will set long orders and sell stops and a few could reverse buy on cease so their lengthy orders are an opportunity for superior price to go short for others to then go for next level(s). If buying was there in that time then it would not have gone south just like it did.

    First transfer is LH small trend - the next is HL with primary trend direction long. Bull momentum can be clearly seen from bull candles in run.


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    Last position out under the Bulls attack.

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    @335 banked all of the profit... last platoon running.

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    Ah! Retailers... fear, greed, ignorance, hope.
    Wishing, hoping, and praying... Always.

    What kind of traders are we? Which are our testimonials, egy, mindset?
    Do we actually feel ourself apt to the task?
    What about our daily evaluation facing our charts?

    The answer is in post #1.

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    DAX GER30#8230; Banked all of the progress from 12.494... Only the previous platoon is still running.
    Trailing my halt.

    Not a bad day. Had some fun with this crazy girl during these past days...
    But I feel much, much better with my Italian Woman.

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    If you are in the Flow... you are able to play safely inside the waves!
    Taking out your profit in the overbought and re-entering from each dip!
    It's OK. Valid technique... if (for any reason) that you are afraid to stay and remain IN each swing.

    Play always securely. Safety first. You play and you will be paid by Mama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote maybe it is... I'm done trading I do not know what she's hoping to do anymore I've no certainty left to maintain ing might get my feet stomped on and lose the few chips I've collected. If there's no certainty for a trade it is a bet and just now I'm learning to distinguish between both and understand when to stop. Another disclosure, thanks to the little gem lt;diary gt;
    Come on! You beging to see Hi and LO.
    Clean your head.
    Repair some limit!
    Draw a line... OK till there and no longer.
    Employ your new vision.

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    Well... I don't want to confuse and disorient a number of my readers... however: all depends from your level of knowledge (along with your style of trading...)

    Do you have your adjusted rules on Trend definition and determination?
    Can you distinguish and separate Impulsive Push from Corrective Attempt?
    Do you have your precise rules on Turning Points? ...
    If yes... then you're in a position to do what you want with Price's Dynamics... that you are able to play with within the oscillations!

    You don't know what you are doing? Sorry but you're likely to die before you could even say S.. t!

    - When bulls make money, bears don't. And vice versa.
    - If you're a bull with all the bulls you'll make money
    - If you're a bear with all the bears you'll make money
    - Just remember to not be a PIG!

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