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Thread: Back to the Future – My Freewheeling Journal

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    The one I stole from Cindy. Brilliant. (Copyright paid, LOL)

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    Using my profit to attack using competitive conclusion! (DAX m1)
    @960 scaling.

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    Escalator up... Quick elevator! Classic.
    Cease hit... and I will begin again to build a lineup.

    Green points to all. And cover always your spine. Never fight.

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    Rhythm... there's no motion without rhythm!

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    DAX @975 and now we'll see the genuine market. Enjoy.
    Remember: now Bears are furious!

    And the same old story begins again... wash, rinse, repeat.

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    13.000 banking!!!
    Trade well. Trade always in control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ... why? Walk us through your thinking process ~just messing with you partner
    There is nothing to mess with, bro!
    I know what I'm doing.
    Only a question of personal Style of Trading and different Idea of Time.

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    Adele! She knows how to trade.

    . . .But it's you that makes me lose my head.
    And each time I am supposed to be acting sensible
    You drift in my head
    And turn me into a crumbling fool.
    Tell me to conduct and I'll race,
    Should you want me to stop I'll freeze,
    And if you would like me gone. I'll leave, just hold me closer baby,
    And also make me crazy for you.
    Crazy for you.

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