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    quote Need to meet and prove 2 of the 3 following 1. Have Financial Portfolio worth including cash Euro 500,000 two Traded substantial size (eur 50,000) 10 times in the previous 4 quarters 3 Fragrant in the Industry It ,s Brutal
    Not only 1 percent of retail traders could satisfy criteria.

    Likely cheaper if you come immigrate to Australia.

    Nows the time to get my brokerage firm into top gear !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    CADJPY Loss trade -0.6% picture ....
    Have a second look at that CADJPY entry to the market and the major kick out !

    Typical bullying from the retail space barely gets you barely takes out you.

    However, you can be sure it takes you out !!

    Ha ha ha.


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    See you tomorrow its remainder time I am afraid.


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    Must admit to being a little stubborn at times as I love to trade the GU mostly but its giving me a hard time now attempting to nail a tendency of any sort, I wonder why ? Possibly the clue is being on the border of the 3/8th 5/8th (pipe) therefore that there should be greater pairs in a much better position on the grid to trade in the moment, Going down the Doc's to find some tablets to cure this stubbornness ! Now with s new tool Octaves stay the same on any time image image
    Maybe the charts are simply telling you to keep outside for awhile.


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