Have a team ready to develop a system but no data. Help
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Thread: Have a team ready to develop a system but no data. Help

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    I cant seem to discover a reliable tick-by-tick information source to download the same.

    I found one:


    However, the information looks somewhat confusing and I searched around on blogs and found a lot of folks saying it is not dependable.

    Can some1 help me by pointing me to a tick-by-tick information source? I favor free but compensated will even work.


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    When I started building my system, I had been planning to use opentick.com, but alas that's disappeared. I looked at the data accessible from Metatrader brokers, but that's incomplete/unreliable.

    I now use my broker for a data feed source. They do possess a lag at the prices, and sometimes it's very far from the market price, but that's what I'm trading. So it seems sensible to model my own system with that info.

    When you have a programming group, it is quite straightforward to ch the datastream from the brokers internet platform.

    The only downside that I've discovered is that the historic data has been restricted. It is either not far back (8 weeks), or the interval is too long (4Hour).

    Do post up any other datasouces which you loe.


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    Hi Flea

    Sorry haven't found anything aside from the one posted by fulltime247.

    The information out of there looks good. Whipping the team markup. Too many ideas floating around. I believe we're currently gonna wind up with a system which gives a week including all the filters that we're currently working on to 1-2 transactions. But these transactions must be iron-clad and then leverage could be our friend.



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