Free VPS for 1 month!!!
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Thread: Free VPS for 1 month!!!

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    Free VPS for 1 month!!!

    Not actually, but here is the offer.

    Http:// It's similar to Amazon's cloud computing platform (EC2).

    If you join, use any of the following promotional codes:


    and you will get $100 in free charge. Make sure that you use a VCC (not your real credit card number) so it's possible to find these credits repeatedly.

    Cheapest server is $0.19 per hour to get a windows platform, which can be greater than most of you need. This comes out to 21 days of VPS service that is free. Then rinse and repeat.

    I'm currently using this to run some backtesting and optimization runs. Will report back with my results.

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    Thanx for sharing this ron
    O_o they bill per hour o_O
    $0.19/hr for RAM, and $0.50/GB for Outbound data transfer

    Btw will they take any money from your VCC because my VCC kindda empty? ^_^

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    Don't head over that $100 credit that is free and you will be fine.

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    So we need to cancel the subscription prior to 21 days (or 20 times to be safe) right?

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    OK, I Will give it a try, ''
    but I thinx I Will buy a new VCC for it instead of using my old VCC,
    afterall it Just cost $7~$8, not Awful to tryout VPS for 20 times

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    Beiing from foreign lands I don`t understand what VCCs are or where to get. And google will offer Volvo, and it is a good vehicle to me.

    So what's a VCC, WHERE can I get any problems as NRA (non-resident-alien) to obtain one?

    And -as always- Thank you a lot, RR!


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    VCC - digital credit card

    Basically, your credit card company specifies to you a different credit card number. The merchant won't ever understand the two amounts are connected. I really don't know if this works outside the US, but doesn't hurt to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    VCC - digital credit card

    Basically, your credit card provider assigns to you a different credit card number. The retailer won't ever know that the 2 amounts are connected. I don't know whether this works outside the US, but doesn't hurt to ask.
    Thanks RR,


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    Hmm after filling up the form such as the CC, I get to the page:
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Please wait while connecting to payment gateway.
    As a result of strict security processes, this page may time out.

    Please be assured that your affirmation as a new client has been sent directly to the email address that you supplied. Should you need to contact us please call 415-869-7444 expansion two

    Thanks For choosing GoGrid.
    But I don't see any link in progress
    And don't get any email from them.

    I can't login with my email also, eventhough if I try to re-register with the Identical email it said I enrolled

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