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Thread: Dynamic Fibonacci Grid - interactive trading

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    If there's anyone that can code the grids to be on all time 18, I had been wondering? And generally I have some watchful ideas for this but honestly I understand it would be better on NT7 if anyone is convinced in coding which platform I would cover you. Maybe I should talk to superjolt for the time having all 9 time frames would be great?

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    The yellow shade is the middle of the cluster ( the impartial place)

    No transaction in this Neutral loion?

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    It takes some time to obtain the follow-up, but we are!

    I'm going to begin from here to help ourselves, to the beginners also in the area, I advise you to adhere to the topic of doubts and ideas concerning this tool.

    - Last Friday the market changed the scene and was distinct from the last standards that had been occurring. So before you attempt any entrance, be gentle and watch the news and rumors that surround us daily.

    - I changed a lot for today, sorry I do not contemplate them before using pictures.

    Here are the newest trades I've just considered.
    @ short EU now.
    1.17843 - T1 3pip.

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    Hello men!

    Let's start the day at full swing!

    Let's stay your eye on the news of the day along with the price movements on the market, we've got exactly the NFP tomorrow and things could start to warm up as of now with a few economic indiors about the radar.


    good deals now for everybody. . Caution and patience!

    - In this exact moment.

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    @long UJ -
    #AP: 112.706
    #T1: x.735
    #TM: x.795

    @Exit - 112.716 | 1pip

    - We're in the main trend of the pair and gaining power with the movement of the dollar.
    - We split the fibo from the 4H TF and emulate the 1H fibon. We have all the diamonds in our favor, indiing power in the fashion.

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    @short Cable -
    #AP: 1.3372x
    #T1: x.3367x
    #TM: x.3351x

    @Exit - 1.3366x | 6pip

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    Hi Guys!

    I am on the road for now, but as soon as I get back, let's continue with the followup.

    Green pips for everybody, have a nice week!

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    Hi Guys;


    Even Europe being closed grabbed something

    I Believe I Am Beginning to get the hang of.

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    This template created me quite happy, thank AO.

    70 Pips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello , good entry! Maybe, as analyzing the timing of the market, it might have been fascinating to have sold below the cluster. (Apparently you have gaps lot of good to work on TF 1 minute, but it could be risky lol.)
    It's really intriguing
    yes I'm still bad with entrance exit, need more practice haha
    additionally need more illuion

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