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Thread: AUDNZD

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    Again a new thread indeed, but this one will exclusively be for audnzd trades.
    I have seen lots of aud thread, but most of them were aud against USD or cad and not one of them spoke about nzd.
    Other transactions are several so called martingale system,s that are definitely not ....sorry men.

    I have begun trading this sweet pairs when I saw a guy turning 1000usd to 10000usd in a month only by averaging it...

    So I'm starting this thread so people can post either swing transactions or trading transactions.
    I'm doing on it, however, the most efficient is definitely the scalping way.

    On a daily basis, prices bounces off 1,2670-80 support double.
    On hourly basis, prices are still in a upside momentum, nevertheless above 1,2650 zone.
    I'm targeting the upside towards 1,2950 1,3130.
    Meanwhile I will keep scalping.

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    1,2700 is cleared, but right now there's absolutely no steam to really go up.
    Short scalp tight prevent. . .waiting for 1,2680....then I'll add longs here. . .for 1,2750

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    I'm actually studying this pair. I am see it with growing interest. I think that it's, reason behind my view, quite simple to trade.

    I am in this thread with you.

    Good Luck.

    I will post a monthly chart (I make my analysis together with it) with my perspective and analysis using Monthly and Weekly fibos, TL (CtC), Stos and MaCD. This is ideal to scalp using possibles reversal points for little timeframe charts


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    Aud continues Powerful against NZ. With NZ earthquake in play I expect price to cont LONG.

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    Today's PA is downside oriented...
    And it seems to be nzd power than aud weakness
    Anyhow aud news is in 20mn, I'll short the spike up if there's some, ideally towards 1,2740

    If price deeps below 1,2600 in the approaching day I'll begin buying for 1,2940 tp and a stop below 1,2500. . .it seems a Fantastic risk/reward

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    Scalp at 1,2693 , and I'll start buying Close 1,2675 and below

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Short scalp in 1,2693 , and I'll begin buying close 1,2675 and below
    what a lengthy scalp pfff, it was in slow motion, but I am done below 1,2680
    Now im buying in the degree, and likely another one around 1,2650.

    And I'll continue scalping it

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    News Within 2h30.. .it might be fun to scalp spikes
    I still have a scalp with a 1,2700 tp, I'll wait the news expecting a downward spike to buy greater
    A spike down to 1,2650 possibly

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    Price went deeper than I had anticipated. . .good , the lower the greater

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    I'll try a short scalp over 1,2650 (55 about), to Get a move down to 1,2620-30....the up again
    Will see if it Functions

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