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    It is going to be my diary that is eduional. So I can keep record about my trades.
    In my trading I will use Imransait method (it can be found here with my own spin (I have added 5 more indiors three of them Chim2 Damiani and Signal_Bar_v4 indiors can be found here atcliqforexdo not understand anymore the specific lint for them. Other two indior TSI I discovered from a different forum (that I donot know if I could post link to other forum so I woul do so but if desired then will post them).
    I will trade at first ONLY GBP/JPY at 5 min TF.
    My trading hours will be form 05.50 - 13.30 UTC.

    First trade at 09.02 UTC buy @ 225,49 at 09.30 TP hit at 225.69

    Total pip count 240

    Weekly goal 100
    Pips to reach the goal of the week 14
    Over the goal 0

    Week 1 - 120 pips
    Week 2 - 34 pips
    Period 3 - 86 pips

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    Confirmation from past transaction.

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    07.31 Sell @ 226,65 Stopped out at 227.00 -35 pips
    within this trade I allow my emotion to decide that I should trade and I didn't looked for confirmation about the trend from greater TF. Later when I stopped out from that trade I looked that the 15M TF I noticed that I required the transaction against the trend.
    Research to learn from this trade: Look for confirmation about the tendency from greater TF!

    Secondly trade now:
    07.50 Buy @ 227,05 Trailing stopp hit 09.28 @ 227.60 55 pips

    Pip count now 20

    Looks like there won't be any more transactions coming on now for me so I will close now with great feelings because I was able to shut second day at positive side . However, in addition, it teached me good lesson to find confirmation about the tendency before entering to a trade.

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    Since I am not a full time dealer and I have day job so I need to deal with both. That's the problem why I was not able to accept any transactions today. First trade that was indied to me personally was 04.55 UTC was to ancient to me so I was not able to jump in because my rules are set so I am not able to take trade following the signal have seemed a very long time ago (long time in that meaning isn't more that 5 candles). Second trade at 09.35 I had been in the assembly and therefore I was not able to enter that transaction.
    So today's pip count is going to be witch isn't a terrible thing but it isn't a fantastic thing either because if one would look for 0 pip accounts expansion an individual wouldn't be trading in any way.

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    Today was a little better day than yesterday was because of me personally. Even though the trade sign was given at 04.10 I was able to get into a trade at 06.30. It was a bit risky because the among this index (MACD) was on the line with others. But like the expression once stated: ”If you do not take danger then you do not drink champagne”.

    Today's trades so much:
    At 06.30 purchase 226.52 trailing stop hit at 226.82 so 30 pips
    At 13.31 purchase 227.89 Take proffit at 228.39 so 50 pips

    Total for now 80 pips

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    Well it is again Friday and my first week is finished. It had been great week because I managed to reach my weekly pip target and even managed to gain more pips than planned. I was unable to trade yesterday and today is pretty much exactly the exact same situation I have lot to do and don't have enough time to sit down in front of this PC to follow the graphs.
    Courses to be learned form weekly: Follow the trend and don't take trades against the trend! Adhere to the indiors and learn how to trust them! Courses to be learn next week: Learn to remain in the fashion! Nice weekend.

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    This morning started with mood. Everything was in place but still resistance was found by cost just below Weekly Pivot and awakened. So one has been loosing. Trade particulars:
    At 06.51 Sell 227,96 exchange closed at 07.40 228,25 so -29 pips

    Let#8217;s see what this day brings.

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    Well a week has been past since I last composed and took any trades. Because it's finish and Christmas period a year there's not and lo t o perform time for trading. There were only two trades. One was negative and second was positive. Despite that I wasn't managed to accomplish my goal that is weekly I think that after all it had been good week.
    Second trade was
    At 07.00 Sell 225.57 trade closed (TP) in 224.80 so nice 63 pips

    Let see what today will bring but I do not have lot of hopes in a matter of trading today.

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    So this is my third week. First day of the week on 7-th of January I was not able to exchange, I was just too busy to do additional things. I had been market and trading has been merciful and gave me 80 pips so I'm very pleased about it. Let's see what the third day of this week will deliver

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    Yesterday's trades I took 4 trades and managed to stay in profit. .
    Two of them where rest and positive at which negative one's. Where the loosing one's, the third and first trade that were equally lengthy one's.
    The very first entry was insecure reddish spikes had been stayed above 0.85 for a short time. But I took the risk and entered and it didn't work out.
    Second trade was nice one. The thing is I must learn to trust indiors. I would have profit 50 pips more if I would have been had SL with distance to bread.
    The third trade I took was only dumb one I took a transaction against the trend, then had to do anything else but watch the charts and as a consequence that trade generated -79 pips (dumb me).
    The last trade was shot already at the end of my trading day and I managed to end up with little gain.
    So day finished with ” 6 pips”

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