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Thread: FXCorrelator - Scalping system

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    FXCorrelator - Scalping system

    Hi all

    I generally post on T2W but wanted to formalise this free system here

    heres the links to how it all yourself $997 on marketed Appliions that seems spookily like mine

    a Lot More hybrids in the pipeline but they'll be free I'm afraid so contact me at To learn more


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    Damn au was a sitter from around 7859. . .now 7852

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    Watch the 10am pub open is sold off by the eu

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    Ucad should fall also ....watching from 2528

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    If breached uj buys tempting out of 112.57

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    GU is flat market didnt materialise so far . . .and I missed an AU buy scalp . . .hmmm

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    Usd still bear time somewhat rusty on capitalising on it ...I thought usd might soften this hour

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