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Hello fellow traders, I created this thread so I will always consistently adhere to the plan I have previously made order for me to have the ability to withdraw money each month. The rules are as follows; 1. Real money. 2. GBP/JPY pair just. 3. Daily trading just. 4. Use indiors as far as possible so that the analysis are more accurate ( 12 indis ). I have a lot of time too analyse them by 1. 5. Entry stage, target and stop loss ought to be clear. 6. Every time entry I will use 30 percent of the funds. 7. Initial funding is $100 ( Capital reserves is...

since you would like to exchange the Daily chart, you may use this Cowabunga system.
Just 3 indiors in the sub-window - RSI, Stochastics and MACD.
And two moving averages - 5EMA and 10EMA.

Good luck!