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Thread: required to function call function

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    I need small help in function call in a different role

    Inserted Code int filter() double aaa = Bid; //-------------------------------------------------- Daily ---------------------- wclose= iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,1); wopen = iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,1); whigh = iHigh(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,1); wlow=iLow(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,1); calPivot = (whigh wlow wclose)/3; calRange=(whigh-wlow); R38 = calRange*0.382 calPivot; R61 = calRange*0.618 calPivot; R78 = calRange*0.786 calPivot; S38 = calPivot-calRange*0.382; S61 = calPivot-calRange*0.618; S78 = calPivot-calRange*0.786; //-------------------------------------------------- Weekly ---------------------- wclose1= iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_W1,1); wopen1 = iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_W1,1); whigh1 = iHigh(Symbol(),PERIOD_W1,1); wlow1=iLow(Symbol(),PERIOD_W1,1); calPivot1 = (whigh1 wlow1 wclose1)/3; calRange1=(whigh1-wlow1); RR38 = calRange1*0.382 calPivot1; RR61 = calRange1*0.618 calPivot1; RR78 = calRange1*0.786 calPivot1; SS38 = calPivot1-calRange1*0.382; SS61 = calPivot1-calRange1*0.618; SS78 = calPivot1-calRange1*0.786; //------------------------------------------------------------------------ if ((aaa gt; R78 ) void open_sell() int xxx = filter(); if (xxx lt; 1) Order send---------------------------- void open_buy() int xxx = filter(); if (xxx lt; 1) Order send----------------------------
    are my call function here's ok? but its not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    are my call function here is okay? But its not functioning

    hey munna.... Be sure to think deep before using any code to ship orders in a live account.... Rather than use anything that puts trades if you cant view the mq4...h

    Inserted Code int start() if(filter() == 0) Alert(Symbol() bid gt; dayres38 send buy); if(filter() == 1) Alert(Symbol() bid lt; dayres38 send sell); return(0); int filter() (bid gt; dayres38)) signal = 0; if((bid lt; daysup78 )

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    Can anybody help me regarding call and compare other people function output, please

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