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    Anyone offer an opinion? I have had this coded in Pine script and using trading perspective. The egy is called Todd's egy 1.6

    My egy is easy how to code it appears to be difficult??

    1. To get a buy trade, Price closes above 20 EMA (candle 1)

    2. Candle 2 opens at closing of #1 and closes below close of #1

    3. The tendency for the prior 10 phases must between 25 and 35 degrees.

    4. Entrance is at start of next candle (#3)

    The concept is that following a 1 period (normally daily) alteration, price begins moving in the direction of predominant trend. I personally have success with this.

    There's the capacity to place stop loss and Take profit. It's defined as a percent and seems very elaborate. I just found that ticks may be used to shut a transaction (just need to x10). What will work?

    For me personally the tendency is quite important and ought to be filter. There are some decent consequences for 10-12 pairs on 1 hr, 4 hr and daily frames.

    This is my very first attempt at automating and would be grateful for someone to point out some errors I have made.

    Thank you.

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    Are there professional, reputable, reliable, affordable tradingview coders available?

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