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Thread: How to invest $100K?

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    How to invest $100K?

    I want to invest 100 k. .inquire about if 10% can be achieved by me monthly?
    Recommend a egy and broker pls.

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    A egy that doubles one's account each year without fail Doesn't exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi I wish to invest 100 k. .inquire about if 10% can be achieved by me monthly? Recommend a egy and broker pls. Regards
    You wish to commit 100k and you are asking others to get a means to trade?

    Are you really being serious or simply seeking attention...?

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    Yes, it is possible to earn 10% monthly but it won't be an easy task. It requires dediion, challenging work and a great deal of expertise in this discipline. I believe you're trying to commit a 100K into live-off your earnings. A huge account provides you a small advantage over the market. Thus, be certain to benefit from your advantage and don't waste itA huge trading account provides you the opportunity of earning an adequate sum of money while taking minimal risk on your intial capital. If you're seeking 10% monthly returns, be prepared for 15-23% draw downs with the best egy you are ever going to find. Why go through the trouble of taking too much risk and the pain, sweat and the tears as soon as your account is -20K immediately?! It is not worth it. Try to be realistic; a 3-5% monthly return is a realistic goal and may be achieved with good money management along with also a moderate trading system that wins 30-40% of the time. If you want to get 10K per month, be patient and try to achieve 5% per month , once you can do it for 4-5 months in a row, then your account will be up around 20-25K, Be patient afterward and don't withdraw your profits, let it accumulates and the next month you are going to be earning 5% over a 130K account, which is going to be around 6-6.5K per month without taking any extra risk. Keep doing so and in less than a year you are going to be earning 10K per month without taking any additional risks on your account. Two birds with one stone; you made your 10K per month and also you protected your capital. The single price to attain this can be patience for a few months. Just my 2 cents

    Broker suggestions: Have a look at House Of Borse. FCA controlled and established in London. Fantastic reputation so far and appropriate for large accounts since they have direct access to a famed British bank trading platform/liquidity. I don't recommend; just another thief on the listing of retail burglars. Oanda is suitable for small accounts, but maybe not for a 100K account. You can also check out LMAX institutional platforms and accounts.


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    Strategy: Bank your 100k and start a demo account. Learn how to trade before you reside commerce OR give your money to a supervisor.
    Broker: Any broker that allows a demo account beyond 30 days. Preferably using a 100k demo equilibrium.

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    Very good question! Thank you!

    I really do know two guys here, that are looking for someone just like you. They are the very best traders of FF. Here are my recommendations to your issue:

    1. Mitchoss. 26k turn . Easily.

    2. Visionary. That he turned and buffet gave 300k to him it and above.

    Everyone here loves these folks.

    Make your pick!

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    Inceptionist gets the ideal idea. However, in order to accomplish what he proposes, you need some critical eduion. The fact that your asking what your asking suggests you may not fully comprehend the risks involved. Some months you may drop money, some weeks you will make it. That's the reality of gambling.

    As for brokers, depends on what state you live in, but make sure you do your due diligence. My proposal is to find a broker in your country first. If no viable options exist, find a country that will accept one. With that kind of cash you may want to check to Dukascopy or Interactive Brokers.

    Great Luck


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    If trading:
    Strategy: utilize demo or exchange a tiny part firstly to improve your abilities and try to know as much more as you can. The egy will come to you a while later
    Brokers: capital can be diversified btw 2-3 brokers but you ought to choose one with the best leverage and commission conditions

    When investing for managing:
    Strategy: diversifiion at least btw 4-5 accs.
    Brokers: several; diversifiion btw 2-3 brokers with the best statistics in your region.

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