Diary of a Ninja (Lives trades)
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Thread: Diary of a Ninja (Lives trades)

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    Diary of a Ninja (Lives trades)

    Welcome into my diary!http://blog.newsarama.com/gallery/al...s/10088/13.jpg

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    Hi my friend/mentor, nice to see you here.... LOL

    and recall what the ninja master claims:

    -The first and best Victory is to overcome self-

    good trading for you

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    Glad to see a fellow FXCM'er Nice friendly charts, haha.

    Really speedy question - are you annoyed by the spacing between the candles as I am that came with the Trade Station update about a week back?

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    Entrance: 132.150 Long

    Entered here since it has been a breakout at the M5 trendline that was acting as resistance. Entered 10 pips late.

    TP: 23pips Daily pivot point

    SL: -13 Down the trendline, and to get a good Risk:Reward Ratio.

    The commerce has been a LOSS -13.6 PIPS.

    Ninja Guru says: A good Ninja has to act quickly. PA Ichimoku M1, were committing Gee of reversal once the transaction was in positive amounts.

    Ninja´s PIP BAG= -13.6


    EDIT: Lives trades its difficulty. No Live Trades!!

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