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    Zivas Journal


    I'll be using this as a place to record every trade I make and the profits or losses which result. I exchange with the daily timeframe, using a few indiors using ODL Metatrader: Stochastic (5,3,3), AC oscillator (default settings), and AO oscillator (default configurations ) with EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, and GBPUSD. Candles are also used by me. I only enter transactions at 8pm EST if a set-up presents itself. I have embraced aspects of this system from other profitable traders I have discovered on this forum. This is how I exchange:

    I set a long trade when all of the following happen on the previous day:
    stochastic is crossed in an upward direction
    AO is green
    AC is green
    bull candle
    if the first three happen and the candle is not bull than I do not take the trade and I must watch for another installment.

    I set a brief trade when all of the following happen on the previous day:
    stochastic is crossed at a downward direction
    AO is reddish
    AC is reddish
    bear candle
    if the first three happen and the candle is not bear than I do not take the trade and I must wait for another installment.

    Money Management: 100 TP and 100 SL on all transactions. After the market moves 50 pips at the direction of my trade, I move all stops to break even.

    Just a little background on me: I have been investing in Currency Market for the previous two years. I opened a live account soon (too soon) and dropped half of it fairly fast. After I did a lot of studying and demoed for more than a year. I have now been trading live again for 2 months and I have almost tripled my account dimensions (using very large risk money management). I have decided now to exchange risking of my account dimensions, but I realize it is still regarded as outrageously high to some (20 percent ). The chief reason why I wanted to begin this diary is to improve my discipline. Most of the losses I have incurred over the last few months occurred because I strayed out of my system or attempted trading on a smaller time frame... no more! I am sticking to my principles now.

    As for now, there aren't any installations suggesting I should take a trade, so I'll stand aside. We'll see what happens tomorrow!


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    Trade Put yesterday:

    LONG EURUSD @ 1.4552
    LOT#1: TP 1.4652, SL 1.4452
    LOT#2: TP 1.4702, SL 1.4452
    LOT#3: TP 1.4752, SL 1.4452

    I'll move SL to breakeven on all lots when PA reaches 1.4602.

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    I won't take any trades again today as there are no set-ups. I'm anticipating long EURUSD, short USDJPY, and short USDCHF set-ups maybe tomorrowor more likely early next week. We'll wait and see!

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    I entered one commerce today:

    SHORT USDJPY @ 107.55, TP - 106.55, SL - 108.55

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    USDJPY trade struck on SL. Missing 100 pips. Learned several things. I guess that is the whole point of the journal so from this perspective I will call this transaction a success. It is interesting how each loss I incur informs me something about my approach or the market that I did not understand before. For these lessons I am thankful and I will continue trading my system keeping in mind the lessons I have learned.

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    # Transactions taken = 1
    # wins = 0
    #losses = 1
    total # pips = -100

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    Short Eurusd @ 1.5517. Sl-1.5617, Tp-1.5417

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    oops! The above post was designed to read brief @ 1.5417. Anyhow, price has moved over 50 pips in the direction of my trade, so I transferred my SL to break . It's about 1.5335 right now and my TP profit is 1.5317, so we'll wait and see what happens.

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    EURUSD attained TP and I obtained 100 pips....

    Up to now:

    # transactions taken: 2
    # wins: 1
    # Gains: 1
    absolute # pips: 0

    I'm not taking any trades now as there are no set ups.

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    Short Eur/usd @ 1.4482
    Extended Usd/chf @1.1081

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