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Thread: In mt4 can you run egy tester for an EA on a custom offline chart?

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    In mt4 can you run strategy tester for an EA on a custom offline chart?

    As name

    Much appreciate any responses.

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    I remember reading about someone figured out the way to do so about one year ago. To say the least it was complex and convoluted and I guess error prone. In the comments, it seemed that a few others managed to follow the instructions and get it to work. I believe that it was in a Renko ribbon in this forum, but I am not sure. I lost interest after finding a different egy.

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    Yes, you are right. I found instructions at the link below:

    Wish there was a way to backtest offline charts and have live data. Anyone have another way?

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    All of a sudden my ea will not show on the chart when I am trying to back test with all the egy tester. I got my template to show up by gluing it the same as my ea, but now the EA isn't displaying on the chart. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    I don't see a means to do this but if there is I would like to know too.


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