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Thread: Skracors Thoughts and Journal of Trading

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    Skracors Thoughts and Journal of Trading

    First I would love to state I am starting this journal for ME. To write down my thoughts about trading, keep track of transactions, and hopefully grow frequently as a trader.

    I've previously been a notorious Indior abuser/follower/fiddler/experimenter.

    In order to additional imprint this thinking in my brain I will post exactly how I see that a chart and what I am searching for in a trade. Butfirst I need to jot a few things down.

    The Market and that I am in it.

    I have lately come to think that my fellow retail traders are really nothing and nobody else in the Foreign Exchange market place. Enormous Banking and Big Business would be the entities moving those little ticks up and down my price chart. My small orders do not even enter that huge river of order flow when I place them. Rather they input larger orders placed at a subsequent time by my retail broker. However, those banks particularly have an idea about what I could do in many trading situations, and have developed egies to take advantage of my tendencies.

    For example: I, a poor peon in the scheme of things, want to learn how to trade since I hear I will make good money. However, not knowing how to trade I instantly look for my broker to give me great information on where to place my Stop-Loss order. My broker patently gives me the answer of Above the last Swing-High or below the last Swing-Low conveniently leaving out the thought that the Banks understand precisely where these Stop-Loss orders are placed. How can the Banks understand the orders are there? Since the Brokers discovered to trade in a Bank! Thus giving the Bank, and very possibly the Broker, an edge against me the modest witless guy that loves to give my hard earned green.

    I think we Retail Traders play in a Shadow Market set up by our own Broker which allows us to pretend we're trading the true thing. I do think we could earn money at this, even large amounts of money(otherwise I would not be here). But I do not believe a little $10-$100 Market Order could move the numbers in my display!

    To conclude I am Nobody!

    Oh and I almost forgot. I think that my head is my strongest Indior.

    For Strategy Overview See: Post #s 143, 145, 146

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    Time to Transfer the SL -3 break even Commerce is up 15pips

    Transferring Quickly Sl break even up 30pips

    Trade is Performing fine SL Transferred to 1.63490 up 40 pips atm

    Knocked out at 1.63504 10pip gain

    Will Await another entry

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    New Entrance Short at 1.63431 with SL @ 1.63570

    SL Struck -14pips

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    New trade Short 1.63604

    looking for lots of Supply in the 1.63300 Area and Much More at 1.63180

    20 pips SL BE

    1.6330 Area broken if 1.6318 is broken looking for lots of Trousers crapping down to 1.6300

    Closed trade at 1.63183


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    Have to confess my next trade today was pure impatience/overtrading

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    Pips complete



    Done for now good pipping to all see you in the beginning of the Week.

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    Updating the chart setups for the week. Shows S/R and pools of Supply/Demand.

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    Short 1.61695 Looking to approach 1.6152 S/R
    its the next apprach for this S/R so there is a reasonable chance it will be broken this time

    Up 20 pips SL to BE

    If we Could make it through 1.6133 area we should Visit 1.6100 Earlier retracement

    SL Transferred to 1.61557 if stopped Outside will look for another entry

    Stopped out 14 pips profit

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    New trade Short in 1.61626

    With lots of rigamarole many smaller trades in between a few hedging and all

    this transaction -48 pips

    lesson of this day put a stinking Stop-Loss Stupid!!!!

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    Todays totals


    definitely not the worst day I've ever had but not my disciplined either

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