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Thread: herds_sheep_lemmings - and nothing more!

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    herds_sheep_lemmings - and nothing more!

    Hi Everyone....

    I'm starting this thread / journal to my own records and also to keep track of what is really going on in the markets....

    I suggest that all one needs to do to win... is to read volume/ price....and sometimes use support and resistance.

    Just where's your next 90 pip move....we can see on charts there are a few every week in each pair.
    Can we pick another one. . .can we pick on the leadership.
    I also believe that news reports are used as alysts to profit taking.

    I'm not really interested in using some other indiors at all. no macd. No moving averages. . .no stochastics. . .etc. . .nothing....except horizontal lines . . .maybe a tendency line once in a while and quantity of course

    I suggest that we can pick the upcoming big move with nothing more than studying:

    1. Volume ( that the herds of sheep)
    2. Price (in which lemmings are led to)
    and maybe
    3. Perhaps some support or resistance and

    I'm fully open to talk of how volume could be read.
    I hope to learn far more.

    Since I work full time and change work I don't get to trade all that much. But it doesn't mean that I can't discuss and learn more @ volume / price .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Everybody....

    I am starting this thread / diary for my own records and also to keep track of what's really happening in the markets....

    I suggest that all one needs to do to win... would be to read quantity / price....and occasionally use support and resistance.

    Just where is the next 90 pip move....we can see on charts there are a few weekly in every pair.
    Can we select another one. . .can we select the direction.
    I also feel that news reports act as alysts to profit taking.

    I am not very interested in utilizing some other indiors...
    Hello Twiitch thanx for opening this subject

    It's intrest topic and Searching for more ditails

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    As far as I am aware there are 2 volume providers. Esignal GTIS
    and realtimedata. Tradeguider appliions can have both these feeds. This thread isn't @ VSA though.

    You will find a few free providers... has the esignal feed should you keep a certain number of trades. ( I really don't have an account with them but'm thinking about one )
    Dukascopy has charts with volume.
    I don't understand where dukascopy volume is out of... but I really do use their charts...

    I use CMS for trading and they have volume on their charts... but it's just volume inside their company
    Dukascopy is most likely the same as CMS in this respect.
    I haven't inquired @ dukascopy volume

    I discover that CMS and DUKASCOPY volume info is much more than good enuf to view what is happening.

    2 charts attached....1hour or dukascopy and 1 hour of CMS


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    I find that the best times to exchange are following
    0000Z - that the 1400 -1600z constantly UTC.

    For me personally that's
    7pm est - 9 am - 11 am est..

    The times inbetween are low quantity and generally won't support trending....but it's an excellent time to look for what they're likely to do next!

    All these are my own observations @ the FX market in general.

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