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Thread: Rounding to non-standard numbers in MQL4

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    Rounding to non-standard numbers in MQL4

    When trading CFD's which potentially have a minimum increment/tick dimensions of 0.25 in the case of the SP500, I need to discover a method of rounding some like a moving average or ATR into the closest of the tiniest increment.

    NormalizeDouble(78.2123,0.25) will trune the 0.25 into the closest number in this case 0 then round to 78

    as will:


    anybody have some ideas?



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    You can also try
    Inserted Code double a=78.1251; double ticksize=0.25; a=NormalizeDouble(MathRound(a/ticksize)*ticksize,2); Print(a= DoubleToStr(a,2));

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    wow, thanks guys, very much appreciated!
    I'll try them in the morning

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    Inserted Code double d = 78.2123; double ticksize = 0.25; Id = (int)(d / ticksize ticksize) * ticksize; NormalizeDouble(d, 2); Print(d);

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