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Thread: My notebook - quotTarget 2000 pips per month quot

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    My notebook - quotTarget 2000 pips per month quot

    Hello fellow forum members,
    First of few words about myself. I am trading in the Foreign Exchange market for 4 decades already while two from them I am earning cash. My method is not based on specialized analysys, my entries take place after strong market signals, while taking special attention at markets opening hours and financial data book hours .The method used by me personally was learned from veteran Foreign Exchange trader. I won't hide the fact that I am still in touch with him but nowadays our conversations deal only with various characteristics of the market.
    Depends on the time I will manage to find I will share with you my achivements.

    See ya till the next article...

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    Friday's session was very problematic in my opinion. As you know it all began with the asian session. Sudden bolstering of usd and jpy, on the pairs I'm working with, efficiently blocked entrances before european session.
    Eventually I decided on two entrances only with eur jpy along with eur usd pairs. The pairs together with gbs I decided to not touch because of data and corellation lack.
    My friday's profit was 121 pips
    Monthly profit: 1536
    Year 2010: 5711 pips

    See ya on monday
    Have a fantastic weekend.

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    Let me suppose,trading the news??

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    Can you explain what you intended??

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    You said your method isn't based on Technical Analysis and it you concentrate on financial data publiion. AKA news trading. I just use tendencies as TA and that I like Fundamental analysis very much,so hope you share with us ur style.

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    To me it looks like trading big sup or res

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    No, you did not understand me, I do not relay forex data at all, my method is based on astimating the market at taken moment .As for forex data I take into account only the hours of novel, I don't think the market and I do not think I must explain it to anyone here, if I see a direction I leap in.

    yeap, I take only tiny steps moving constantly forward, for me personally it's like that for two years already.

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    Monday ( 26/04 ) session was rather difficult for me and I was able to earn just a few pips .For this reason on tuesday (27/04 ) I was a little skeptic considering the fact of the market so I had been afraid of false entry signs .But although my skepticism, waiting almost until the beginning of european markets,I entered shorts.
    My profit happily earned was 364 pips.
    Monthly profit: 1960 ( almost my target )
    Year 2010: 6135 pips

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    it is a second day in a row that the market goes crazy.For us in the Foreign Exchange market those are the very best times in which we are able to make lots of money.
    On 04/05/10 I functioned just till midday because I had to continue studying....
    I started on each of my pairs brief's that gave me total gain of 234 pips.
    Yesterday ( 05/05/10 ) was little worse. I waited for entrances until I reached the time of entrance. I clicked to get a brief period of time after economic data from US and because I was worried about the american stock market I made out earning 201 pips.
    My profit this past month: 435 pips
    Year: 6750 pips
    Here are the links for graphs out of session 04/05/10:

    And these are from yesterday's session:

    That is all for today fellows.
    See ya.

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    Yesterday's session was my first fellows. I opted to wait until all the jumble will pass .Unfortunately, until today I do not find the end of it.
    Yesterday I waited to the market jump from the morning. In addition, in order to stay on the safe side I waited until the beginning of the european markets.
    After waiting for some time there was really a leap although I thought the market will be flat today.
    My pairs with JPY gave me a fantastic relaxation entering longs, and because of JPY weakens and with USD getting stronger I gained quite few pips. GBP got stronger but it had been just for a brief period of time.
    Summering the day, my exit was a bit to early but was afraid of turnovers such as the day before.
    My daily profit: 210 pips
    Monthly: 645 pips
    Year: 6780 pips

    See .

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