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Thread: New support/resistance method - Help Needed!

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    Hello all.

    I the last few months I have been working on new method to draw oblique lines for both support and resistance.

    It's very complied how the traces are being drawed, it's some manual work a few forumlas and I composed.

    It appears that those the prices are nearly always reacting to those lines.

    The dilemma is that I'm a Bad trader
    So for now I cannot really trade using this lines, but would like to seek help from some of you guys to have a look and test these lines, as as far I as can tell these lines are working REALLY Well.

    I will supply you with these traces on a daily basis everyday on approximately 17:00 New-York time.

    I will provide those traces ONLY for esignal.

    So if anyone in here has the time to help me test those lines and try to find out if they're quite Great I will be delighted to share.

    Please send me an message using an e-mail so that I'll be able to send them to you on a daily basis and following a few days of testing we will make some talks about them here on the forum.


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    Don't hesitate to examine those lines whatsoever and method you prefer.

    Basicly the ones in BOLD are the important ones, it seems for me that they are working best if you've got two closes on a 15 mins time period under or above a line, then you can enter the trade that that path.

    But see if you've got other ways to use those.

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    Not many people use esignal across these parts. You would likely get a lot more response if you just submitted the price points where the lines are supposed to be. That way everyone can look at them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Not a lot of people use esignal across these parts. You'd probably get a lot more response if you just submitted the price points where the lines are supposed to be. That way everybody can look at them...
    I understand, but the problem is that the most significant part the system is the angle that the traces are based on everyday, so it's kinda hard to supply it.

    I expect that some use esignal here.

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    So far today the lines worked really well, I'm out for bed.

    I'll be delighted to get some comments from you, tommrow I will offer the daily lines for 7 pairs.

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    I've attached today lines from esignal format for now, it is kinda late but it is still usable.

    I got the lines today just for all those symbols

    gbp@fxcm a0-fx
    jpy@fxcm a0-fx

    For tommrow I'll have it to get longer symbols.

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