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Thread: Rollover and commissions

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    Rollover and commissions

    Hello everybody!

    At frist I want to apologice for my english, is really bad. A friend recommend me dukascopy, yesterday. I made a new demo account and started. I reed each of the requirements, comisions, etc..

    I created a couple surgeries and they took the attention. The problem is that the interest are larger than I thought. And I don't undestand why? . It is said that the interest rates are 35 dolars for each million dolars and the interest of gold is 55 dolars for each million dolars. I don't understand how I exchange a volumen of 0.08 millions and how the interest of 0.08 millions are 2.86 dolars. Can somebody understand it? And explain?


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    The commission of ECN brokers is generally expressed for every 1.000.000 US$ traded. A commission of 35$/thousand USD is charged. The dilemma is that many of the currency pairs traded have another base currency than USD (the base currency is the initial currency of any cross. Example: EUR/USD; AUD/USD; USD/CHF etc.). So once you buy (or sell) 1 lot (0.1 mio.) Of EURUSD you're actually buying 0.1 million Euros. You have to convert these Euros to USD with the rate shown at the moment of transaction.

    1000#8364; x 1.38591 = 1385.91$=0.001385 mio. $
    0.001385 * 35$/thousand = 0.048 $ commission

    0.048$*two = 0.096$

    Notice that the commission is billed for every single amount transacted. So once you enter a trade you make a trade (for which will be billed a commission) and when you shut the trade you're really making another trade (to which is applied exactly the same commission ).

    More concisely, you should read the commission table as 35 base currency fee/ thousand base currency. So you buy 1.000.000 #8364; you have to pay 35#8364;. You buy 1.000.000 AUD, you have to pay 35 AUD. If you would like to know how many $ that is, you simply multiply your commission with the rate displayed at the moment of transaction. In now, the round turn (entering exiting a transaction ) fee for 1.000.000 EURUSD is 70#8364; x 1.387=97$. That means 0.97 points added to your spread. Hence that the market must maneuver spread 1 pips in your prefer to break even.

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    Thank you very much for help. I understand and relize how much dumb is your question.

    Thanks again.

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    You have to sum up the USD worth of all your trades (buy and sell). Then you will arrive in ~USD 80K which is 0.08 million. This is all that's shown on your own images. There is no curiosity.

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