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Thread: Trading Journal 2010

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    Trade has gone in my favor. Moved my stop loss around 1.28800. Worst this trade will do for me will make me a sucessful 20 pip trade. Also I transferred my take profit down to 1.27000 since this trade has room today to continue downward.
    ********ANOTHER UPDATE*********

    The euro has continued to fall and I just moved my stop loss again up to 1.28000. Is that a 100 pip commerce in my favor. . .Very excited on how this has turned out

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    Trade just reach my draw profit at 1.27550. This was a great trade at almost 150 pips. Feels good to have a great trade after the last one went against me. Chart will be posted under....

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    Just shorted the Euro vs the Dollar. My reason behind this is due to the fibbonicci and a the resistance are both loed at 1.30890. I expect this to deny the Euro, which makes it drop. I tighted the details of the trade to make a 40 pips. Details of commerce under:

    Shorted at 1.30825
    Take Profit= 1.30425
    Stop Loss=1.31300

    Chart Below:

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    Last evening, the trade worked out perfect as the Euro went bearish. It was a 40 pip commerce, but the chance looked good to gain some pips. Chart is below...

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    Get a new computer you cheap bastard lol! Just kidding buddy. Looking forward to watching more of your posts once you get back up and working!

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