Gold Miner - Gold future support and resistance level trade
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Thread: Gold Miner - Gold future support and resistance level trade

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    Gold Miner - Gold future support and resistance level trade

    Hi all:

    Recently I found gold react specific support and resistance level very well, so I decide to try it and write this diary. Will post the s upport and resistance levels I've

    found here.

    The entry of the egy is watch the way the price action on these levels, not instantly jump right into it. By doing this I think we can increase our rate.

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    Now's R/S level are: 1295.4 , 1290.3, 1288.4, 1285.5.

    We could also watch the Monthly S amount : 1285.0

    When I made a trade, it will be post here. Fantastic day guys!

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    Extended order Started, Goal at 1293.2 with SL at 1289.87, my Entrance is N't Great because of my out for a while, but let us see how things go on

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    lost 1 percent, could set a BE for the trade.

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    Now's level worth viewing is 1279.4, though in morning I made two brief trade and BE, I think in US session when price is over it, we can set a buy limit order at this price, compare what happened to 1293.2 yesterday, it possibly a reverse.

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    Extended order open at 1280.12, now protected, goal at 1282.7, let's see how things go.

    Properly, BE

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    Re-enter and get Outside, market not go Nicely

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    Long in 1284.68, target 1287.5, SL in 1281.0

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