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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Well, greater time frames are always better! You can utilize pending order egy with time frames!
    Based on what outcome?
    Why owuld be any timeframe better or worse than another?
    Why would it be better to put a pending order, and not be able to adjust it if working?
    Why is it worse to scalp, and utilize your 1-3 hours a day to take transactions of there's any, and if no time to be on the internet, you dont have to think about what ifs, without any nasty surprises?
    I love opinions.
    But can you back yours up with something?

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    There's a massive difference between a brief time trader and a time frame trader. One takes advantage of the overall belief that shapes up using economical and geopolitical occasions the other takes advantage of the momentum within the day. At the day's end it's the traders character makes the difference. Anytime frame can be profitable if the trader knows what he is doing. It's not about just how much time spend from the market but more how efficient you use this time.

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    Utilize DAILY or time period. Develop egy which suits you and STICK to it. It is likely that you are not a person for this small business. In that case you can get some signal service or manage account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I'm not overly fond of these. I have.
    Thank your fast replay! I have poor experience on few sign services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank your fast replay! I have very poor experience on couple of signal services.
    Depends on where you buy them. People who know what they're currently doing aren't concerned about sending out signals to individuals.

    If you have someone that someone has been using for a long time and is constant, or you are able to view their commerce history and know ( really know) how to analyze their traders and trader plogy, it might be well worth it.

    It's probably more worth your time trading off your daily, or some safer commodities, or stocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank your quick replay! I have very poor experience on couple of signal services.
    I am so sorry you've had such terrible experiences. The majority of my experiences have revolved around brokers, but it always hurts to be lied to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank your quick replay! I have bad experience on few signal providers.
    They do not have to be good in photoshop. You can post edit traders through manager, you can have 2 accounts and take buys on one and sells around the other. You can pretty much prove anything you want if you have access to broker level program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank your quick replay! I have bad experience on few signal providers.
    Often signal service such as mql5, will reveal you result as % of balance when exhibited....
    Sometimes looking somewhat behind the numbers you'll discover that the signal showing a 10% gain for last month actually gained only 2 percent, or even lost -5% of fairness. . .but yes, balance is up.
    Just the issue you'll be able to withdraw equity not balance.

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    As a part time trader its quite hard to survive in here , total time traders are not totally successful from this trading loion , so in order to me personally, there is a very few possibility to become a successful trader by a part timer in Fx trading .

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    Daily or per Week. Especially in the event that you work or go to school. You are able to spend extra time in analyzing trades and controlling your money management. The key to living and flourishing in this market


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