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quote Victor, see answers below: #1- I have been Trading full time with NO other project for 18 months today. I worked at the Corporate World for more than 20 years, am single with no family members or debt, and was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time a few different times in my corporate Career. So I managed to start trading with roughly $30K Capital. #2 - So over the course of the previous 18 Months I chose to actually take care of this as a company, set up a corporation for my own trading company (for tax purposes) and only trade in my small business. In my earning...
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Who's your broker? What about the very realistic chance of this broker moving bankrupt and us losing a portion or all of our accounts especially in FX, look what happened with MF Global futures accounts with all the regulations in the futures industry .... FX has less regulation so really curious to learn your broker