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Thread: Who has become rich trading forex?

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    after 3 years of losing and eventually break even and lookin and trying all types of items, im now starting to make money more consistently day after day. So yes can make money in fx and the best advice I can give u can find a system that works for a egy actually and trace it. Discipline is one of the most crucial things you could have in this game. And thats what's helping me now.
    Please,after getting some instruction from the broker,how many weeks or months did it take you to do your first real exchange and how long can it take you to double your initial deposit?

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    quote Hi Yazzie, Who's your broker? What about the very realistic prospect of this broker moving bankrupt and us losing a portion or all of our accounts notably in forex, look what happened with MF Global futures accounts even with all the regulations at the futures market .... FX has even less regulation so very curious to know your broker
    Well yeah I suppose there is always the possibility (non IMO) it might occur. Being with a Publicly traded company with a market cap more than $1.2 Billion and among the largest brokers in the market does provide some relaxation however. I am with FXCM and quite happy with them and my account team.

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    Any trader target is the way make profit just as much as they can, even they know about they will lose if they exchange with a big lot, but they don't frighten shed, they simply do trading, therefore if u wanna turn into a good trading u need a good mentality, so u can stay in forex trading.

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    There are so theories, many answers rather than one wealthy guy here.
    I begin to suspect that everything isn't that easy. Unless all the millionaires are hiding at another forum

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    There are several replies, theories and not one rich guy here. I begin to suspect that everything is not so easy. Unless all the millionaires are hiding at a different forum
    But yeah, I agree with you. I am able to say it still uncommon to find a rich trader out there since most people still contemplating this business as a part time business...

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    quote LOL But yeah I agree with you. I can say it still rare to find a wealthy trader out there since most of us still considering this business for a part-time business...
    You know I believe there are wealthy traders. But they are not retail traders. These probably work for a large businesses and understand something what we all don't understand.

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    Ive been trading for 4 Decades and im finally Beginning to feel like I might Really get somewhere but as yet I havent made any Cash Only learnt a lot

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    Ive been trading for 4 years and im finally starting to feel as if I may really get somewhere but as yet I havent made any cash just learnt a lot
    What knowledge lent you in this circumstance?

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    quote What knowledge gave you in this case?
    At this time Im feeling defeated. Ive made some great trades this week however overall I havent created a profit. So Im looking at eduion Im ordering a few books on trading and studying more about how to imporove my success rate. Some things I've done to improve my trading is to change my leverage to 25:1 this is really important it prevents you from making absurd large lot dimensions. Ive also changed my halt to 10 pips It was 20 pips but I guess if it goes to Eliminate a lottle than shed a lot and it enhances my risk to benefit however im still chasing the holy grail

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    Things are looking up. SHort that the Aus/usd up 10% so hopefully a good ending to the week

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