The 28Pairs Currency Strength Trading System - also known as Double-GAP Strategy - is my principal trading philosophy and is founded on harnessing individual currency weakness and strength.
I have made two threads: this one which is to be utilized for posting trades, asking questions and general conversation.
The next thread gets the main principles for you'll be able to loe it

be sure to read it before asking questions.

29 winners in a row.35 pip TP35 pip SLrisk : reward ratio 1:1
One thing has to be right !

you're always encouraged to ask me questions regarding the egy and the specialized index. I can't answer PMs bycliqforexas commercial members are limited to 1 per day so please use my email: EMAIL:
Currency Strength double-GAP Trading 1

If it all started in 2016. Fantastic videos from friend Lightheart :

!!! THE NEW VERSION ACS28 3.0 IS ONLINE !!! -- as from 13th June 2017 --
Advanced Currency Strength28 Indior
!!! THE NEW VERSION Impulse 2.0 IS ONLINE !!! -- as from 8th June 2017 -- Advanced Currency Impulse with Alert

General principles for my own thread:
Criticism of my egy and/or myself, and any efforts to prove me incorrect will be treated as a violation of Forum #1Rule: Respect the Fellow Trader. This is just the way I look at the markets, so I think we all have to be admired. Indiors are used by my method and distractions will not be allowed by me by individuals posting other indiors.
No forecasts regarding future price movement. No remarks regarding future price movement. No signal providers.
I do not care about other egies and indiors, there are various good and bad ones, keep them in their very own threads and do not pollute this one with some of these. This thread concerning the egy called ONLY and The Currency Strength about sparking sharing and improving The Currency Strength. It isn't about anything else. Stick to THIS egy and do not squander people's time.
I don't accept promoting other products in my thread. NO speak of ANY EA, except possibly ones that relate to trade management such as trailing stop loss etc..
Individuals who take no interest in my way for any motives are welcome to post in my thread as long as they show proper respect to the thread starter, other readers, respect the Forum rules, and respect the thread principles.
Do not use big bold colored fonts. It is obtrusive and screaming like capital letters in not polite and conversation. They are limited to system rules or statements by the thread owner.
Anybody who fails to follow the principles ABOVE, will be added to my ignore list and cleaned up and prevented them by posting on this thread without warnings.
Rules for graphs: Only plain graphs with the indiors here supplied.

Some dGAP account, not the most important one but good enough for a post. Pips are a little bit combined because Gold and DAX was also traded with FX-pairs. Not very busy traded at the start. Will be continued.