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Thread: Dax - Daily analysis and Discussion

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    Dax - Daily analysis and Discussion

    I have been meaning to begin a new conversation thread for some time, so here it is. This thread is not intended to replace any other Dax thread, just to stand on its own as a ribbon for Dax traders who wish to look at their levels and analysis or discuss points that are applicable.

    I have been trading Dax consistently for many years now, and enjoy it because of its volatility, big range, and low spread, particularly important if using a stop loss rarely wider than 15-20 pips, which I'm ready to perform by time my entries from a 20 second chart. I'm a multi-time frame trader, with 20m, 1m, 5m, 20sec, H1 and H4 graphs, all of which I have open in front of me at all times. On days when I'm not trading Dax, I am trading GJ, easily my favourite forex pair.

    If anybody wants to place trades, then can I request that they are backed up with a justifiion and possibly a chart, since the reason this is on the Discussion thread (currently transferred bycliqforexmoderators to Stocks and Commodities ) and not an interactive one is because I would like to dissuade the buy here/sell there kind post, which can be of little worth to others unless it's backed up with a justifiion for the transaction. I don't have the time or inclination for submitting my trades, so I will refrain from it. What I will do is post my own thoughts on the daily direction once I have SR levels, it, and anything else throughout the day that I see as significant advice for Dax traders. I encourage others place your very own levels and analysis, agree with me, disagree with me, to do the same, whatever, so long as it's constructive and objective. My focus will be on intra-day trading, so I will post any TA that's farther out than the subsequent 24 hours, even if I see them as significant, though I will refer to term levels of resistance and support.

    For starters now, I see Dax carrying fairly strong down momentum so far now, but potential support is not much beneath, which likely explains why it retains coming and moving back. The service now I have is S2 @ 12,185. Then we are into new lows for the week till it double bottoms if this breaks. Upside is chy to state at the present time, so I will leave that alone, though CP @ 287 is a chance if it does manage to reverse north during the NY session. DFib levels on the downside now are 61.8 @ 12,218, which we simply struck, and 76.4% @ 188, just above S2.

    Just one thing I ask, should you post graphs, which is perfect, no problem there, but keep it to one or two, as there's no bigger turn off than someone who posts ten of their own graphs in a row, bearing in mind that for the majority of us, another trader's charts can be quite meaningless when they bear zero similarity compared to our own.

    Good, let's see how we get on.

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    Scalping 1 Minute Charts.

    Hello I am looking at scalping the DAX about the 1 minute chart utilizing a pullback entry on the 5 minute chart.

    Are some members trading this way or have some advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote That is where non-traders/losing traders looking for an excuse fail to understand the essence of trading. Speculation is the art of weighing different options to assess the most likely outcome, whilst trading is the limit into the equation when the variables are removed to make only one likely outcome - the sign to trade, wrong or right. Nothing random or speculative about it, or at least there shouldn't be.
    Once you understand the regulation of big numbers, the remainder is just process

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    Ed Seykota... words of wisdom.

    It Takes Two to Tango... and the two have to be willing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sold 13265 ... but in this days everything is possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello everyone ... Ger30Mar (m15) upgrade ... to finish the last component (4 and 5) of ... ... component (5) of ... central wave 3co(b5) P.S. inside b5 tide : an AbC correction inside 4th portion of 3rd wave bull market (12345) alias AbC = a(a) a(b) a(c) b1 b2 b3co b4 b5 a(c) b(c) c(c) inside the 3rd composite part = 3co(b5)(TP 13330 !?) 4th part@13330 (TP 12915) 5th part@12915 (TP 13335) image
    Hello everyone ...

    Dax30 (h1)

    interior ac ... 4 (b5) wave

    TP = ac bc cc = 13040 about

    awaiting ... 5 (b5) upwave @ 13040


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    As a frame trader, on days like this, when the picture is generally so ambiguous, I try to receive the greatest directional probability in my various time frames. Now the price is at a range and so it is chopping up and down. However, so far, the service level is clear to people, and it is currently falling in my H2 200ema, that broke into the south, but that does not necessarily mean it'll do exactly the same today. Taking a look at the bigger time frames, I have support only today, under the CP at about 210, that was broken, but maybe not by much, and I wouldn't expect it to hold into the pip anyway.

    This current up movement has the capacity to go quite high, as high I think as R2 at 13, 343, however, the Dow looks much more contained today than it was yesterday - I just do not find the up potential onto it that I saw yesterday, and so, if the Dow cannot put at a decent upward move this afternoon, the Dax is not likely to do any different. It is one of those days when you either have to bag profits early and commerce the range, or, hold on at BE or minimum risk and hope it goes for you, because you never quite know with the Dax, especially on days like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    De30 17 BE 1 Renko 3 Waiting afternoon, with markets appears considering FOMC Statement to take a choice. Now, for me two trades. On Renko charts we could se the supports @ 13100 and BRN 13150 are nicely supported from Emas, and cycle indior are beginning a new upward. Nevertheless, when it'll happen is barely to say. For now we have simply to see whats occur. image
    Hello matmomo,
    your first trade was simply great. Keep this up. There was (beside the PA) a very high probability, that we are going to violate the yH. The precise number was 84 percent.

    Another key statistic I exchange is rest of the first balance(IB), in the Dax case it is initial 2 hours. The IB dimensions is now 41 points, and there is 100% probability that we are going to break of the IB, if we've got IB size like this. In the first trade I speculated on that we are going to break the IB low (also because we refused to move over yRange). Because there was RRR I'm not really satisfied with this trade. The following trade was just a very simple continuation with very wonderful PA (I got super lucky fill). The initial trade was the next trade 315 USD, 297 USD.

    I reduced position dimensions, because I recognized challenge by ftmo so I wish to match my trading into their trading principles. I would like to diversify my trading accounts little bit. Fantastic luck, if somebody is trading FOMC .


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    De30 17 BE 1
    Renko 3

    Waiting day, with markets seems looking at FOMC Statement to take a decision.
    For me personally only two transactions now.

    On higher Renko charts we could se the supports @ BRN 13150 and 13100 are nicely supported from Emas, and cycle indior are beginning a new upward.
    However, when it'll happen is hardly to say.

    For now we've just to see whats occur.

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