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    It was not installed in my PC, although thnx soo much Superion, is not as if I do not understand I to download NF MT4.
    Secondly, I'll like u to give me more totorial about how to place an order, however am still working on Demo account but I have never gotten in yet, I'll like you more enliting on this.How I wish we can both contact on yahoo messanger..here is my you can even give me the whole lowdown.

    Nice to hear from you shortly:

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    We've'nt yet coded it have the algorithm and theory set up. We'll need to examine it thoroughly until we reach a last conclusion when useful.

    Son are you talking about NF MT4 download link? It is here http://www.northfinance.com/mt4setup.exe as the website was updated.

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    Please heed the advice of the majority of responders and ALWAYS use a stop-loss! I am hard headed and had to dismiss 3 accounts in 2 years to learn that lesson. If You Don't use a stop loss, you will blow out your account--it may take 1 month or 2 years, but it will happen

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    trade without stops or trading with stops,I dont always use stop orders but that will depend on my gearing, I normally isn't geared more than 3 times but when I trade without stop my lotsize will be 1:1 of my equity maximum so if trading euro I could take 200 or even 300 pips down and thats a risk of 2 and 3% of total equity. 11/9 2001 market dropped 600 pips in no time so ya that could have been a reduction of 6 percent of equity, however if I have been geared heavy and my stop loss amount wasnt triggered I would have blown up the account. I have been studying my brokers documents and prevent loss amount isn't garanteed, most of time they will but there could be circumstances where they will not work.

    That is an interesting egy there revoke. If I get gifted maybe one I'll try to program.

    You really do understand that some brokers are proven to prevent Loss hunting and poor data feeds hence the move to ECN Brokers with direct feeds.

    We've developed another method which doesn't use Stop Losses rather your account fairness and account margin to get out you a jam.

    All the best with your way of trading...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thnx soo much, isn't like I do not know I to download NF MT4,but it wasn't installed in my PC.
    Secondly, I'll love u to give me more totorial about how to place an order, though'm still working on Demo account but I've not gotten in yet, I'll like you more enliting on this.How I wish we can both contact on yahoo messanger..here is my one may also give me the entire lowdown.

    Nice to hear from you shortly:
    Hey Son... what problem are you specifically having? This is how to open a demo account with NF http://www.northfinance.com/demo-acc...etailed-steps/. It becomes a piece of cake after a couple of goes.

    Oh I really don't use messaging applications as I am a bit from the dark ages!

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    Here's my take on trading without prevent losses. Should you find yourself well under water in a position, with losses growing by the minute, the sooner you see that you're in the path of an avalanche, the easier it's going to be for you to dig from under it. But if you ch it early enough and feel somewhat brave, reverse the position to turn the adverse movement in your favor (be careful, however, not to irritate yourself even deeper). As the posters pointed out, you could get back in the market at a price afterwards, once the smoke clears. I don't believe that any quantity of training can teach you how to forego a losing position in a manner - you have to go with your gut sense, and it is simply not an specific science.

    But if you didn't escape in time, and you believe that a lot of this negative move ought to be ask yourself has there been any change in fundamentals to cause this unexpected and damaging improvement? As unexpected sellouts reverse themselves if not, then it might be advantageous for you to wait it out. On many occasions I have made the mistake of placing the stop loss price way too far back (no way it is gont move there, right?) , only to see it triggered as well as the market turning around soon after hitting it a couple of hours afterwards, and also to understand that my position would have actually been such a massive reduction, or even made a profit. The agony of realizing that doing nothing would have been better than fussing about can only compare with all the money in the first place to that of parting ways.

    Bottom line is - cure prevent loss like you would deal with a gun: don't bother with it unless you are totally ready to use it. A stop loss set much may do much more harm than good, so don't push it beyond your risk tolerance.

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