How to Pyramid Entries to Increase Initial Risk/Reward 10-fold
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Thread: How to Pyramid Entries to Increase Initial Risk/Reward 10-fold

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    How to Pyramid Entries to Increase Initial Risk/Reward 10-fold

    Look to this thread this weekend, it'll be finished with charts and images. For now I'll keep this brief as it's difficult to determine what I mean without the charts anyway.

    I feel like sharing my recent breakthrough (Q2/3 2013) about which I consider the very best way to trade is (lowest risk, highest reward)
    and that I also believe this to be the way that market makers trade.

    It demands EXTREME patience and plogical fortitude, which explains why it is so difficult to perform.

    Just because I understand how to do it, does not mean I'm in a position to perform it. But I am working on mastering it. I've done it a couple of times and it felt good.

    Initial risk reward is usually 5 or more 10:1, but when we pyramid the trade the ending risk/reward can transcend 100:1


    First off, let me just say there's a conservative and an aggressive means to get this done.

    1) competitive -- You attempt to take profit at the intraday swing highs and lows, and re input a correction with a stop just below/above in which you believe the correction has ended, or a nearby service amount you believe will hold.

    Two ) conservative -- You do not take profits intraday since you're not that proficient of a trader, or you simply DO NOT want to miss the rest of the move (the significant part). In this conservative approach, wait for the market to fix, in which you believe the correction has ended, and input your position with a stop loss for the two rankings above/below, or a nearby service level you believe will maintain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Forget about R2RFX providing this evidence. In the event that you were after his trade explorer after he started this thread you'll see clear evidence that he had been doing virtually blew out him. He has taken the trade explorer offline to hide the outcome, but at one point he was up something such as 411 percent and it was down to 150% and continued to drop from that point until he left the trade explorer private. I understand you're an on the ball type of chap so surely you did not overlook this, but I post it here for others that can stumble across...
    Which means I can't stand trading with a trade explorer.

    Why? I can't hide the open positions. If I could display closed positions, I'd.

    So I lost a few. Who cares. I'm still up over 100% over the month on this little account.

    All trading is betting. You don't understand anything about trading, if you don't understand this.

    I don't have to show anything to anybody.

    I really don't keep it a secret that I've less than $100,000 to exchange with.... Including the profits I've made over the least 2 years
    I really don't want people to think I'm a significant trader or something like this. Far from it.

    How does creating two threads discredit anything?

    They're two completely different procedures of trading... and I use them both.

    The low risk method is to use very small entrances then pyramid them profit, with broad profit targets.

    The high risk method is to use big entrances (high risk% ) and then no pyramids, only modest profit targets.

    Big account = low risk method

    Small account = high risk method

    Whats so tough to comprehend about the fact that I really don't like people seeing my trades that are open?

    Oh and incidentally, I hit 460%. Get 1000% over quickly and I tried to create some trades that were huge. Didn't pay off.

    But its totally free money so who gives a flying fuck.

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    Anyhow, as you can see I'm much too busy to put a series of pictures together to explain this.

    I try on the weekends however frequently find myself occupied then too.

    I will get around to it eventually. It is not a priority...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The original poster is not likely to post here again until he receives his commerce explorer back up to snuff. Losses last week . He deals the account like every gambler would and therefore, I wouldn't expect anything deep to come forth from the thread starter. With kind regards, MK
    Lmao the account has nothing to do with this thread! This thread has been posted long before the explorer.
    I submitted the explorer simply in my own decision to do so. But its honestly a bad idea and I understand the big traders do not take action
    (the biggest explorer here's 90k, the 2nd largest is 30k)

    WTF man.

    Did you run out of money to exchange with so all you have to do is troll these forums?

    Enormous losses? Dude, its ALL profit. You truly know nothing about trading.

    Cease expression with kind regards. . Really. Go off and stop trolling.

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    I think if your place is in profit why not risking a place to go for a swing. I know that it's not easy but it worth the attempt, if you know the instruments and their typical volatility.

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    I think thread owner's premise is disproved. Pyramiding on avg. Is not rising your edge, it'S easy adding another transaction.
    Let's move on to next ribbon. Thanks for sharing all.

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