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Thread: Who has ever tried to get a bank loan for trading?

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    just utilize broker margin, not a necessity to acquire money loan.
    It could put you in financial trouble.

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    I don't advise borrowing to finance an FX trading account. Actually, I positively advise . If you're a proficient trader then possibly you can make a case for borrowing, but if you're a proficient FX trader then you don't have to borrow.

    Twice I've borrowed for stock market investing. Twice I have benefited from doing that. FX trading provides you a leveraged account, there's absolutely no need to borrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I think it is advisable for beginners to trade with larger sums, but could see why folks would disagree. When I first began trading with live money it went a little like that. - split $500 - Ignore Off $250 (50 percent ) Thought procedure,'its only 250, hit' OR -Load $500 -Double it Though procedure - I doubled my account, let's trade bigger....Trippe lot dimensions, lose that trade and im back at $250 -$500 Repeated those errors several times. First bigger account size was roughly $15K If I was down in a few percent in equity, that's $500 . Thought process. . .Shit...
    This is a natural procedure how trader get the knowledge on currency management, burning his hands several times.
    I just reinvested half of profit in trading and never left less thanhalf in my hotforex account of my yearly price. Simple but quite efficient money management principle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I do not advise borrowing to fund an FX trading account. In fact, I advise against it. If you are a proficient trader then possibly you could make a case for borrowing, but if you are a proficient FX trader then you do not have to borrow. Twice I have borrowed for stock market investing. Twice I've benefited hugely from doing that. FX trading gives you a leveraged account, there is no need to borrow.
    I completely agree with you

    A bank to investment in stocks is much better than a loan which speculating in forex (or in additional markets including stocks)

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    For trading is a foolish game.... atleast for me ....

    I dont enjoy accepting loan for trading......

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    I ever feel that, and it may functions
    in bull market (one way trading), together with 1:1 leverage, meaning a margin call = a nation goes bankrupt.
    No stop loss
    averaging your loss
    Basically, it's like.... Get a saving in different currency. . . With negative interest rate.
    Generally a currency pair is able to move approximately 0,1 - 1% every day and it's enough to beat the interest

    *terms and conditions may apply*

    and I didn't do this? Since if I fail to control my self just in some click, it's debt collector that come to my house.
    I try that without a loan and it functions,
    but imagine, in aud usd 0.7800 - for each penny per pip, I want 78 margin to back this up, and even if the trend is down, I can not market - only close
    this pure money direction, no expert ability required. dull as hell

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    This is not necessarily a terrible idea but only given that you have demo analyzed your trading methods to the nth degree so you're confident to the nth level. For mepersonally, this means a minimum of 3 weeks of (busy ) trading each and every day with constant and successive daily profits; less, wouldn't be worth in a live environment that would cause me to lose saved money or worse, eliminate loan money.

    Additionally, undercapitalization is a problem. My guess is, many systems on forum could last an unforeseen market event to come out profitable if this system had access to sufficient capital in order to manage that caused drawdown. If I am ever prepared to exchange live, I will use an x amount in my savings and, only as a cushion, I will borrow enough from my credit card simply to double that capital in order to provide more breathing space for unforeseen market events yet again, I would only take this gamble in the event I have constant daily positive consequences for at least 3 weeks (60 days of always successive daily positive results and nothing less).

    Despite any preparation, unforeseen events do occur with all the markets to wash you out completely so I always consider investing for a gamble and, taking a gamble is not necessarily a bad thing or a wrong thing for me given that based on everything I know up to this point, I am prepared to the nth level and that gamble is determined to be rewarding.

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    Obtaining a bank loan is perhaps the most effective way to kick your FX profession, if you take into account that in 90% of those cases traders do blow off their very first account up.

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    Don't do it!

    Prove you can trade with little bets and look for an investor according to your own trading results, have a percent of your profit.

    It is has be said that I didn't do it that way and drove myself almost to bankrupty until I learned how to trade profitable, now it is all I do, and now that I do nicely

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